Stories by Maria Korolov

Army takes a flier on OpenSim

The U.S. Army is not new to using simulated virtual environments for training. In fact, almost all soldiers have used virtual simulations, according to Douglas Maxwell, the science and technology manager for virtual world strategic applications at the Army's Simulation & Training Technology Center in Orlando.

Written by Maria Korolov25 March 13 12:07

Bye-bye, mouse. Hello, mind control

When workplace computers moved beyond command-line interfaces to the mouse-and-windows-based graphical user interface, that was a major advance in usability. And the command line itself was a big improvement over the punch cards and tape that came before.

Written by Maria Korolov26 Nov. 12 05:53

Gamification of the enterprise

Can badges and scoreboards really make employees work harder, for no extra pay? Or will IT departments be stuck spending time and money "gamifying" work processes - only to have to undo everything once the fad has run its course?

Written by Maria Korolov10 Sept. 12 04:29

Top 4 gamification apps

Companies should not attempt to jump into gamification all at once. Here are four specific applications that are excellent places to start your gamification program.

Written by Maria Korolov10 Sept. 12 04:29

Farm Cash vs. Hard Cash

Which would you rather get as a reward for doing business with a particular company: frequent flyer miles, cash rewards, or two virtual cows on FarmVille?

Written by Maria Korolov23 July 12 11:31

Bitcoin: Seven reasons to be wary

Of all the virtual currencies out there, BitCoin is the most interesting from a technical perspective - and the least interesting from the business point of view. BitCoin is a peer-to-peer virtual currency that uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money.

Written by Maria Korolov23 July 12 11:31

Analysis: Why Linux is a desktop flop

It's free, easier to use than ever, IT staffers know it and love it, and it has fewer viruses and Trojans than Windows.

Written by Maria Korolov30 April 12 21:28

Beware of the iCloud

ICloud, Apple's new cloud storage service, which officially launches this week, is an iPad/iPhone lover's dream and IT security professional's nightmare.

Written by Maria Korolov12 Oct. 11 03:25

3D conferencing hits the enterprise

Immersive virtual environments - such as Second Life and some enterprise-friendly alternatives - have traditionally required users to download special software and learn a difficult user interface.

Written by Maria Korolov13 June 11 20:45

Companies explore private virtual worlds

Meetings, conferences and training programs in a 3D virtual world such as Second Life can be more engaging and productive than traditional online sessions and phone calls, and much less expensive than face-to-face meetings requiring travel. But some companies aren't willing to take on the security and compliance risks of using a public platform and are instead opting for private virtual worlds created behind the corporate firewall.

Written by Maria Korolov13 May 11 08:49