Stories by Lisa Hoover

New iPhone Business Apps: Designing for Usefulness

When Apple launched its new App Store earlier this year, the assumption was that scads of businesses would develop applications for their iPhone-toting customers. Although there are more than 60 apps in the App Store's Business category, virtually no big-name companies have bothered to cough up one of their own. Since Apple plans to make at least 40 million iPhones in the next year, many of which will no doubt end up being used in the workplace, what's the holdup?

Written by Lisa Hoover26 Aug. 08 10:31

Open Source: Are Macs the Red-Headed Stepchild?

It's not uncommon to use more than one computer during the course of a week: a Mac at work, a PC at home and a laptop on the road. When people search for applications that will work across all platforms, many look for an open-source solution first, only to discover that apps that work on Windows are woefully underdeveloped for the Mac.

Written by Lisa Hoover10 July 08 09:09