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Stories by Jim Duffy

Juniper routers open to attack

A flaw has cropped up in Juniper's router operating system that can cause the systems to crash and reboot.

Written by Jim Duffy04 Feb. 13 20:06

Cisco gets closer to NetApp, further from VCE

Appearing to further distance itself from VCE coalition partners EMC and VMware, Cisco this week expanded collaboration with storage titan NetApp to deepen integration and market reach.

Written by Jim Duffy24 Jan. 13 13:48

NEC rolls out OpenFlow for Microsoft Hyper-V

NEC this week unveiled a virtual switch for Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V hypervisor which is designed to bring OpenFlow-based software-defined networking and network virtualization to those Microsoft environments.

Written by Jim Duffy22 Jan. 13 18:57

Juniper finally talks SDNs

Juniper Networks at long last has laid out its software-defined networking (SDN) strategy, which includes a revamped software licensing plan that the company says will change its business model and differentiate it from competitors.

Written by Jim Duffy15 Jan. 13 18:11

Juniper exec gets into nitty-gritty of SDN plan

Front-and-center in Juniper's SDN strategy is a new software business model that will emphasize variable packaging and licensing of software to implement the company's software-defined networking design. Bob Muglia, executive vice president of Juniper's Software Systems Division, shared some finer points of the company's plan with Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy.

Written by Jim Duffy15 Jan. 13 18:11

Ex-Nortel CEO Frank Dunn found not guilty of fraud

Three former executives of bankrupt Nortel Networks were acquitted this week of falsifying financial reports in an accounting scandal that precipitated the company's eventual bankruptcy and demise.

Written by Jim Duffy14 Jan. 13 20:01

A10 Networks enjoined from selling ADCs infringing Brocade patents

A San Jose federal court has permanently enjoined A10 Networks from selling server load balancers that infringe on patents belonging to competitor Brocade, underscoring $60 million of a $112 million verdict awarded to Brocade last August.

Written by Jim Duffy11 Jan. 13 21:59

Extreme Networks cutting 13% of workforce

Extreme Networks is laying off 13% of its workforce, or about 90 employees, in an effort to reduce expenses by $7 million per quarter.

Written by Jim Duffy09 Jan. 13 17:03