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Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco readying a new Nexus switch

Cisco has another Nexus Ethernet data center switch in the works, this one with ultra-low latency and a more formidable rival to Infiniband.

Written by Jim Duffy10 Aug. 12 18:29

Cisco driven start-up heads for SDNs

A start-up that bases its product line and business model on software-defied networking concepts is emerging from stealth mode.

Written by Jim Duffy08 Aug. 12 13:42

Internet2 readies 100G OpenFlow SDN for Big Data

Internet2 is nearing completion of its OpenFlow-enabled 100G Ethernet software-defined network for testing service delivery of applications for Big Data compilation and research, among others.

Written by Jim Duffy09 July 12 11:59

Extreme Networks next up with SDN strategy

Extreme Networks threw its hat into the SDN ring this week by disclosing its programmability strategy for data centers, mobile carrier networks and campuses.

Written by Jim Duffy27 June 12 14:30

Five needs driving SDNs

Five trends in network are driving the transition to software defined networking and programmability.

Written by Jim Duffy25 June 12 13:21

Juniper confines SDNs to data center

Juniper is initially focusing its software defined networking (SDN) strategy on the data center, a market where it can do itself the least amount of damage if the initiative fails to pan out.

Written by Jim Duffy19 June 12 22:27

What are the killer apps for software defined networks?

With its ability to decouple network control from the physical infrastructure, OpenFlow and software-defined networks have been touted as the Next Big Thing in networking. They've been pitched as a way for cloud service providers and webscale companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo to ease or automate network configuration and reconfiguration, and quickly add more functionality without manually touching each and every switch or router in the network.

Written by Jim Duffy18 June 12 10:27