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Stories by Jim Duffy

Juniper unites the enterprise

New architecture, software, security wares bring Cloud fabric to campus

Written by Jim Duffy29 Sept. 15 12:15

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole

Cisco has issued software to fix a vulnerability in its SDN controller than allows infiltrators to access the system as root users, with access to root commands.

Written by Jim Duffy04 Aug. 15 08:31

NFV a hit for OpenDaylight

Almost three quarters of OpenDaylight users plan to use the open source SDN technology for <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2900828/sdn/nfv-and-sdns-will-make-up-the-cloud.html">Network Functions Virtualization</a>, while over half are looking at it for cloud orchestration.

Written by Jim Duffy29 July 15 03:38

Cisco names two more to new CEO's team

Cisco has named two new executives to the leadership team of new <a href="http://blogs.cisco.com/news/cisco-announces-executive-news">CEO Chuck Robbins, who begins his tenure today</a>.

Written by Jim Duffy28 July 15 00:19

790 could leave Cisco in Technicolor deal

Cisco could transfer or impact as many as 790 employees under terms of <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2952074/cisco-quits-settop-box-market-sells-business-to-technicolor.html">the sale of its Connected Devices business unit (CDBU) to Technicolor</a>.

Written by Jim Duffy24 July 15 06:14

Open source router project administers Lithium

The CloudRouter Project, a months-old effort to open source cloud routing, is announcing first shipment of OpenDaylight's new "Lithium" SDN controller.

Written by Jim Duffy15 July 15 23:20

United routes root of outage to router

<a href="http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-united-flights-grounded-20150708-story.html">United Airlines blamed a router problem</a> for disrupting service and halting flights for over an hour today. 

Written by Jim Duffy09 July 15 06:26