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Stories by Jim Duffy

Force10 taking data centers into zettabyte era

Force10 Networks this week will unveil data center core and top-of-rack switches that mark the first offering of high-density 40/100G Ethernet among the major switch vendors.

Written by Jim Duffy27 April 11 01:45

Alcatel-Lucent looking to sell enterprise business: Report

Alcatel-Lucent is reportedly shopping around its enterprise switching, IP telephony and contact center businesses in an effort to boost its financial performance by focusing on core telecom markets.

Written by Jim Duffy27 April 11 01:45

Industry split on data center network standards

Despite competing standards and proprietary alternatives already on the market, the IETF insists that TRILL is gaining momentum as a method for solving Ethernet scalability problems in data center networks.

Written by Jim Duffy23 March 11 06:40

Cisco grapples with transition as routers and switches lag

Cisco is in the throes of a companywide transition away from the switches and routers that form the bedrock of its business toward new markets to fuel future growth -- and the shift is affecting Cisco's revenue.

Written by Jim Duffy18 Feb. 11 05:24

Cisco revenues push to $10.4 billion in Q2

Cisco beat analyst estimates with its second-quarter earnings, posting revenue of US$10.4 billion and earnings per share, excluding expenses, charges and other items, of $0.37.

Written by Jim Duffy10 Feb. 11 09:02

HP accuses Cisco of diverting data center standard

Networking rivals HP and Cisco have abandoned their common ground in data center switching, with HP accusing Cisco of diverting an IEEE standard and Cisco insisting that customers drove the change.

Written by Jim Duffy08 Feb. 11 23:28

Cisco bolsters video, buys digital media company Inlet

Cisco this week announced its intent to acquire privately held Inlet Technologies, a provider of adaptive bit rate (ABR) digital media processing platforms, for $95 million in cash and retention-based incentives.

Written by Jim Duffy05 Feb. 11 04:31

Internet 'kill switch' bill reintroduced as Egypt remains dark

On the heels of what's being described as the biggest electronic shutdown by a government, legislators in the U.S. are trying to reintroduce a bill that would give the President an Internet 'kill switch.'

Written by Jim Duffy01 Feb. 11 10:48

Cisco acquires Pari: What goes around, comes around

Cisco this week announced its intent to acquire privately-held Pari Networks, a provider of network configuration, change and compliance management appliances that was <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/013108-network-management-start-up.html">founded by former Cisco engineers</a>.

Written by Jim Duffy27 Jan. 11 04:28