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Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco, Juniper push new mobility-focused products

The two biggest router companies are focusing their attention on mobility this week with products to address operator needs for rich 4G multimedia services.

Written by Jim Duffy10 Feb. 10 02:50

Cisco to unleash data center extensions

Cisco is expected to unveil new and enhanced data center products that are designed to more easily interconnect and allocate resources among multiple data centers and are optimized for cloud computing and virtualization.

Written by Jim Duffy05 Feb. 10 17:32

Ethernet aimed at data center virtual machines

Combatants in the data center wars keep reloading. This week, two switching vendors -- Extreme Networks and Voltaire -- unveiled Ethernet gear designed to support the growing number of virtual machines moving around data centers, and provide a bridge to legacy environments such as Infiniband.

Written by Jim Duffy27 Jan. 10 02:51

How dead is Nortel?

Analysts are mixed on whether Nortel, the disintegrating telecom titan, will survive in some form or die off, becoming a distant memory of a bygone era and century.

Written by Jim Duffy22 Jan. 10 03:57

Cisco wins Tandberg with 91.1% stake

After a hard-fought battle, Cisco has won control of video conferencing leader Tandberg with ownership of 91.1% of the company's shares.

Written by Jim Duffy05 Dec. 09 03:41

Nortel in '09: Dismantling of a tech stalwart

This year saw the slow, painful dismantling of Nortel. Its gradual exit from the tech scene played out the entire year, as each month brought news of more layoffs, markdowns or sell-offs.

Written by Jim Duffy03 Dec. 09 07:52

Cisco pedigree wins over VCs

Having Cisco pedigree plays a large role in whether a technology business plan gets funding, venture capitalists say.

Written by Jim Duffy24 Nov. 09 17:32

HP's 3Com acquisition: An inside look

It started with a cup of coffee between 3Com COO Ron Sege and HP ProCurve chief Marius Haas a year ago.It ended with this week's $US2.7 billion blockbuster acquisition of 3Com by HP. In between were regular dialogue and updates, a demonstration at Interop last May, a technology bake-off in HP labs, and then an offer.

Written by Jim Duffy16 Nov. 09 07:02