Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco buys cloud-based contract administrator

<a href="">Cisco this week announced intentions to acquire privately held MaintenanceNet</a>, a provider of cloud-based software to manage recurring customer contracts.

Written by Jim Duffy07 July 15 23:27

Cisco leading another IoT standards group

Cisco has been named a founding member and director of yet anotherInternet of Things standards group to help promote and encourage use of networked machines.

Written by Jim Duffy07 July 15 05:54

Juniper scales down the Internet core

Juniper Networks this week extended its core router lineup with a compact, fixed-configuration model capable of 3Tbps.

Written by Jim Duffy27 June 15 02:43

Enterprise disaggregation is inevitable

Back in March, the issue was raised whether disaggregation -- decoupling network software from hardware for choice and flexibility -- could play in the enterprise as well as the service provider realm.

Written by Jim Duffy26 June 15 06:58

Arista has a controller now too

<a href="">Arista Networks</a> this week unveiled what essentially is a centralized controller for its data center and cloud switches.

Written by Jim Duffy24 June 15 00:24

Enterprises lukewarm to SDNs

Even though service providers are well on their way with SDNs, enterprise adoption of the technology is slowed by a host of issues.

Written by Jim Duffy20 June 15 02:53

Microsoft needs SDN for Azure Cloud

SANTA CLARA <a href="">Microsoft's Azure</a> couldn't scale without SDN.

Written by Jim Duffy18 June 15 07:08

AT&T looking at white boxes as CPE

SANTA CLARA -- AT&amp;T is considering offering bare metal switches and servers to consumers as customer premises equipment for the carrier's services.

Written by Jim Duffy17 June 15 08:52

Cisco plans to embed security everywhere

Cisco this week announced a plan to embed security throughout the network -- from the data center out to endpoints, branch offices, and the cloud -- in an effort to avoid pervasive threats.

Written by Jim Duffy10 June 15 04:17