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Stories by John E Dunn

USB sticks still being used insecurely, Ponemon study finds

USB sticks remain a big security weakness for many UK organisations with many employees using drives for data transport without permission and not bothering to report their loss, a Ponemon Institute study has found.

Written by John E Dunn27 Nov. 11 01:42

Ubuntu shows DistroWatch decline as Mint soars

Linux Mint appears to be soaring in popularity at the expense of high-profile distros such as Ubuntu, figures from DistroWatch have suggested.

Written by John E Dunn27 Nov. 11 01:42

Firewalls fail to stem tide of DDoS attacks, survey finds

Companies still rely heavily on firewalls to defend themselves against denial-of-service attacks despite the fact that this class of device is often not up to the task, a new survey by F5 Networks has found.

Written by John E Dunn11 Nov. 11 01:51

Top secret defence data stolen from Japanese contractor

Attackers did after all steal plans for fighter jets and nuclear power plant safety systems during August's hack of Japanese defence contractor Mitsubish Heavy, sources in the country have claimed.

Written by John E Dunn27 Oct. 11 01:09

Users warned after YapBrowser returns from the dead

YapBrowser, a replacement web browser once promoted by controversial spyware company Zango, has made a sudden return, GFI Software security researcher Chris Boyd <a href="YapBrowser, a replacement web browser once promoted by controversial spyware company Zango, has made a sudden return, GFI Software security researcher Chris Boyd has reported.">has reported</a>.

Written by John E Dunn09 Oct. 11 09:25

Ubuntu One users get Windows client at last

Canonical has released its long-promised Windows client which gives Ubuntu desktop users a way to share files hosted on the company's One cloud service across platforms.

Written by John E Dunn05 Oct. 11 00:34

Cyberattackers hit Japanese defense giant with Trojan

Japan's biggest defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy has admitted that it was targeted by a major cyberattack last month in which at least 83 of its computers were infected with malware.

Written by John E Dunn21 Sept. 11 00:03

BitTorrent web downloads hijacked to push fake antivirus

The publisher of the uTorrent file-sharing program has admitted to suffering a major security breach that allowed attackers to substitute downloads of its client for malware pushing fake antivirus software.

Written by John E Dunn16 Sept. 11 00:15

Warning after Zeus bank Trojan fused with Ramnit worm

Researchers have uncovered evidence that the infamous Zeus login-stealing Trojan has been blended with the Ramnit worm to create hybrid malware that can attack online bank accounts while spreading across networks.

Written by John E Dunn24 Aug. 11 23:43

Surge in attachment spam a sign of desperation, say experts

Botnet criminals have flooded the Internet with a surge of attachment spam in recent weeks in a desperate attempt to rebuild a spam-distribution industry under pressure, security experts have suggested.

Written by John E Dunn20 Aug. 11 01:12

Super Glue website comes unstuck after Javascript attack

Five days after it was first discovered, the website of the Super Glue Corporation is still serving visitors with a malicious script, pushing them to sites selling fake security software, security company Avast has revealed.

Written by John E Dunn12 Aug. 11 04:30

Users turning off UAC put their PCs at risk, says Microsoft

An alarming number of Windows users are needlessly opening themselves up to attacks by rootkit and worm malware by turning off the User Access Control (UAC) that comes with Windows 7 and Vista, Microsoft has reported.

Written by John E Dunn07 Aug. 11 10:44