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Stories by John E Dunn

SSD drives difficult to wipe securely, researchers find

Current methods for securely wiping data from magnetic hard disks simply aren't reliable enough to use on solid state drives (SSDs), a detailed study by engineers at the University of California has found.

Written by John E Dunn23 Feb. 11 02:13

DrayTek's best-selling 2820 router gets SME overhaul

DrayTek has overhauled its best-selling 2820 series 'pro' broadband modem-routers, adding a raft of features designed to make the product more appealing to SMEs.

Written by John E Dunn22 Feb. 11 04:15

Avast Antivirus 6.0 combats Trojans with virtualisation

Czech security company Avast Software is adding virtualised security to the forthcoming version of its paid antivirus software in an attempt to woo consumers worried about attacks on online banking by Trojans such as Zeus/SpyEye.

Written by John E Dunn22 Feb. 11 07:22

LogMeIn shows Android remote control app

LogMeIn has added Android support to the latest version of its Rescue remote control software, the latest sign that developers are trying hard to make the platform a more rounded prospect for the business sector.

Written by John E Dunn18 Feb. 11 05:15

Open source web firewall launched by Qualys

Today's web application firewalls are not up to the challenge of securing cloud systems according to security company Qualys which has set out its alternative vision based on building a new generation using open source development.

Written by John E Dunn17 Feb. 11 06:05

Self-encrypting drive sales on the up, claims Seagate

Disk maker Seagate claims it is finally making some headway in its attempts to get businesses to start buying its self-encrypting drive (SED) products, with a tripling in sales in the last two quarters.

Written by John E Dunn15 Feb. 11 02:13

iPhone app shows data centre DDoS alerts

Customers of data centre provider ControlCircle are being offered a free smartphone app that can alert them to serious issues such as ongoing DDoS attacks in real time.

Written by John E Dunn09 Feb. 11 02:34

Hotmail users get 'aliases' to battle spam

Hotmail has stolen a rare lead on Googles Gmail with a new security feature that lets webmail users create temporary email addresses which can later be discarded.

Written by John E Dunn08 Feb. 11 04:44

DDoS attacks made worse by firewalls

The rising tide of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) is being made much worse by a tendency to mis-deploy firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) in front of servers, a report by Arbor Networks has found.

Written by John E Dunn02 Feb. 11 02:04

Mac malware threat still tiny, report suggests

Virus writers finally paid some attention to Apple Macs in 2010, with several new types of malware appearing to puncture the myth of the platform's security invulnerability, security company Intego has reported in its annual review.

Written by John E Dunn21 Jan. 11 04:04

World now in 'third era' of cybercrime, says report

The year 2010 was a hugely significant one for computing criminality and could turn out to mark the beginning of a 'third era' of cybercrime, security expert Graham Cluley of Sophos has said in advance of the company's latest threat review of the year.

Written by John E Dunn20 Jan. 11 01:57

Credit card fraud is falling, survey finds

Seven per cent of UK credit card holders were hit by plastic fraud in 2010, a survey by credit protection company CPP has found, which represents an encouraging three per cent fall compared to 2009. Average fraud losses were also lower.

Written by John E Dunn20 Jan. 11 05:04

Internet 'kill switch' could cause chaos, OECD report warns

A proposed US Internet 'kill switch' to be used in the event of a cyberwar could actually cause more problems that it would prevent, a new report commissioned by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has argued.

Written by John E Dunn18 Jan. 11 05:03

All SanDisk USB sticks to get encrypted 'vault'

Storage giant SanDisk has come up with a new half-way house for consumers who want to use encryption on portable USB without diving in at the deep end.

Written by John E Dunn11 Jan. 11 02:33