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Stories by John E Dunn

Antivirus scanning becoming inadequate, says Webroot CEO

US antivirus vendor Webroot has bought UK-based Prevx in an acquisition that looks like the latest symptom of the growing dissatisfaction among security companies with the current signature-based scanning model for detecting malware.

Written by John E Dunn02 Nov. 10 04:28

Mac users hit with Windows-style 'Koobface' Trojan

A week after a security company warned Mac users of the slowly growing risk of malware attack, a new Mac OS X Trojan-worm based on Koobface has been discovered circulating via Facebook and Twitter.

Written by John E Dunn28 Oct. 10 03:09

Consumer smartphones to get remote wipes and SIM swap alerts

Consumer smartphone users could soon be given access a range of advanced security features previously offered only to large corporates, after equipment maker Juniper announced new software for mobile networks.

Written by John E Dunn28 Oct. 10 00:52

Mac users warned of growing virus threat

Attacks on the Mac are now significant enough to warrant Apple users investing in an anti-virus product, security company Panda Security said as it launched a new product that offers such protection.

Written by John E Dunn22 Oct. 10 00:44

UK lags world in new broadband league table

The UK is falling slowly but surely down the global league table for broadband, and is particularly weak in improving upload performance, a new Cisco-backed survey has found.

Written by John E Dunn20 Oct. 10 00:44

Global survey predicts 'death of the office'

The office workplace that has dominated business since the 19th Century is dying and most employees would be quite happy not to work in it, a global study by networking giant Cisco has found.

Written by John E Dunn20 Oct. 10 03:38

Security chief warns of global cyberthreat

Once hailed as an economic saviour, the Internet is now in danger of becoming a threat to the future prosperity of the UK and its allies, the head of UK security agency GCHQ Iain Lobban has said in a rare speech.

Written by John E Dunn14 Oct. 10 00:44

Kensington reinvents laptop lock with new tether

Laptop lock maker Kensington claims it has solved the riddle of how to make more people tether their expensive portables to deter theft - make it easier to attach and detach the security cable.

Written by John E Dunn13 Oct. 10 03:25

Zeus not the only bank Trojan threat, users warned

Online bank account users should not ignore the threat posed by obscure data-theft Trojans such as 'Bugat', 'SpyEye', and 'Carberp', security company Trusteer has warned.

Written by John E Dunn13 Oct. 10 03:18

Researchers: Criminals could launch 'social reality' attack

Malware could soon become sophisticated enough to launch social engineering attacks based on analysis of a victim's behavioural patterns and social interactions, researchers have suggested.

Written by John E Dunn12 Oct. 10 04:16

Adobe rewrites PDF Reader to bolster security

Adobe has offered more details of the 'sandbox' security feature it plans to implement to secure its hugely popular but often-attacked PDF Reader software.

Written by John E Dunn08 Oct. 10 01:30

Ubuntu 10.10 Linux shows new consumer features

Canonical has redoubled its efforts to lure consumers to its Ubuntu desktop Linux OS, revising the user interface for netbooks and tweaking services to better integrate Windows and smartphone users.

Written by John E Dunn08 Oct. 10 01:11

Hackers break into Cryptome whistleblowing site

The Cryptome whistleblowing website was hacked last weekend in an attack that could have compromised sensitive data, possibly including the email addresses of top secret sources for leaks sent to the site.

Written by John E Dunn07 Oct. 10 00:46