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Stories by John E Dunn

Piracy group threatens more DDoS attacks

The self-styled campaigners who launched DDoS attacks on a range of prominent copyright and anti-piracy organisations last week has threatened further attacks in an interview with security company, Panda Security.

Written by John E Dunn06 Oct. 10 01:12

Facebook hit by new iPhone spam attack

Facebook users are being warned about a new spam scam that tries to tempt users into visiting a website with the promise of a free Apple iPhone.

Written by John E Dunn06 Oct. 10 03:17

BlackBerry backup encryption broken by Russians

A Russian company that specialises in cracking tools claims it has broken the password protection used to secure data backups from BlackBerry smartphones.

Written by John E Dunn04 Oct. 10 22:22

LinkedIn users attacked by deadly Zeus spam

Networking site LinkedIn is being used as the lure for a huge spam campaign designed to infect UK and US businesses with the data-stealing Zeus/Zbot Trojan, Cisco has reported.

Written by John E Dunn29 Sept. 10 02:07

Segway firm owner dies after driving machine off cliff

The owner of the company that bought out the Segway gyroscopic scooter early this year has died after apparently accidentally driving his machine into a river off a cliff.

Written by John E Dunn28 Sept. 10 02:07

Google's Orkut battered by 'Bom Sabado' worm

Thousands of users on Google's Orkut social networking site were hit at the weekend by a new proof-of-concept worm that spread rapidly using the Portuguese greeting 'Bom Sabado', or 'good Saturday'.

Written by John E Dunn27 Sept. 10 23:34

Spammers hit email users with new html attack

Spammers have suddenly cranked up the use of malicious html file attachments in recent days, according to security company Barracuda Networks.

Written by John E Dunn25 Sept. 10 02:28

Top brands deluge customers with 'unwanted email'

PC World, JD Sports, Woolworths, Aldi, B&Q and Arcadia Group have been named and shamed as the UK brands most likely to 'spam' customers with unwanted email, according to a new analysis.

Written by John E Dunn25 Sept. 10 02:29

Outsourced apps a security minefield, study finds

Outsourced software is a hotspot for the sort of hidden security problems that leave applications vulnerable, an analysis by code testing outfit Veracode has warned.

Written by John E Dunn23 Sept. 10 03:33

Beatles archive heads for the cloud

The man who took skiffle to the world half a century ago, Sir Paul McCartney, is 'getting a little help from his friends' HP to put his entire oeuvre into an accessible online archive, it has been announced.

Written by John E Dunn23 Sept. 10 03:38

Swiss canton drops Linux for Windows 7

The government in the Swiss region of Solothurn has reportedly confirmed that it will turn to Windows 7 after hitting problems in a long-running desktop Linux migration project.

Written by John E Dunn20 Sept. 10 23:36

ZoneAlarm angers users with virus scare pop-up

The makers of the popular ZoneAlarm firewall, Check Point Software, have been accused of using scare tactics to get users to upgrade to the paid version of the software.

Written by John E Dunn21 Sept. 10 23:25

Twitter user threatened over speed camera tweets

South African police have threatened a Johannesburg Twitter user with arrest for using the social media site to tweet regular updates on police road blocks and speed cameras.

Written by John E Dunn21 Sept. 10 02:17

Quantum computing boosted by 'photon walk' chip

Scientists led by a Bristol University team have pioneered an experimental method for quantum computers to perform calculations using photons travelling inside a silicon chip.

Written by John E Dunn18 Sept. 10 02:11

Adobe Reader more secure after version 9

Adobe Reader's automatic patching feature could at last be stemming the tide of attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in the PDF reader, the latest Top Cyber Security Risks Report from SANS and its partners has suggested.

Written by John E Dunn19 Sept. 10 03:28