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Stories by John E Dunn

Interpol chief has Facebook identity stolen

He's one of the most powerful people in world policing, but on Facebook Interpol chief Ronald K. Noble is just as vulnerable to identity theft as anyone else.

Written by John E Dunn20 Sept. 10 00:57

Facebook poses security risk at work, study finds

A third of US SMEs claim to have experienced malware or virus infection as a result of staff using social media websites, Panda Security's first Social Media Risk Index survey has found.

Written by John E Dunn16 Sept. 10 02:58

Seagate's encrypted hard drive gets security boost

Seagate's Momentus Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) has become the first encrypted laptop hard drive to get the critical FIPS 140-2 certification that the company hopes will finally help boost its sales to US and Canadian government organisations.

Written by John E Dunn15 Sept. 10 03:38

New mobile charger cuts 'vampire' power drain to zero

A team at London's City University has been granted a patent on a new 'green' technology that stops phone, laptop and MP3 chargers eating electricity even when nothing is connected to them.

Written by John E Dunn15 Sept. 10 04:02

Ofcom promises easier broadband migration

Communications regulator Ofcom wants to overhaul how UK consumers switch broadband providers, giving the new company the responsibility for ensuring a smooth handover.

Written by John E Dunn11 Sept. 10 02:49

BBC iPlayer is bandwidth hog, admins warned

License payers love the BBC's iPlayer, the new version of which is formally launched today. Network admins, however, are being warned to beware of its ability to eat bandwidth at a fearsome rate.

Written by John E Dunn10 Sept. 10 00:35

Home working spreads among office workers

Once seen as an eccentric privilege, remote working is now so established that as many as half of UK office workers were doing it this summer, according to a new survey.

Written by John E Dunn08 Sept. 10 23:53

Fake antivirus software using ransom threats

Fake antivirus programs appear to be adopting some of the money-raising tactics of more threatening ransom malware, security company Fortinet's latest threat report has found.

Written by John E Dunn03 Sept. 10 02:38

Employee gets big bounty for revealing software abuse

The software industry's police self-styled police force, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), has said that it recently paid a £10,000 ($15,300) bounty to an employee who informed on his former company's use of unlicensed software.

Written by John E Dunn07 Sept. 10 00:24

UK police terror trainers lose USB stick in street

The curse of the unencrypted memory stick has stuck Manchester Police, which has suffered embarrassment as a drive containing apparently sensitive information was found lying in the street.

Written by John E Dunn07 Sept. 10 00:28

Lexmark hits ink cartridge cloners with suit

Printer giant Lexmark has filed a patent infringement suit against 24 companies, accusing them of importing and selling replacement inkjet and toner cartridges that violate its intellectual property.

Written by John E Dunn25 Aug. 10 23:56