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Stories by Joan Goodchild

Not safe for work: What's acceptable office computer use

How many minutes, or hours, did you spend on Facebook today? Even if you spent just a few minutes on the popular social networking site during office hours, you're not alone. Data from Nucleus Research finds 77 percent of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work hours.

Written by Joan Goodchild17 June 10 05:48

World Cup security: Preparing for the unexpected

The FIFA World Cup games kick off on June 11 in South Africa. One of the largest sporting events in the world, it features multiple games occurring across numerous cities, posing myriad logistical and communication challenges in an already volatile, high crime area.

Written by Joan Goodchild10 June 10 05:00

Enterprise risk management: all systems go

When Bill Badertscher arrived at Georgetown University three years ago, campuswide security was handled in several departments with little coordination among teams. It was time for a change. Badertscher is Georgetown's senior engineer for facility and safety control systems and leader of a new IT team that focuses on the same areas. The goal is to address enterprise risk management (ERM) by redefining it to include nontraditional systems. Understanding that security is mission-critical has led the University Safety and Information Services departments to work together in unprecedented ways.

Written by Joan Goodchild03 June 10 03:39

Data breaches not among top concerns for tech firms

Data security and breach prevention ranks low as a risk factor for most big technical companies, according to new research that identifies the most widespread concerns among the 100 largest U.S. public technology companies. The research, released by BDO, a professional services firm, examines the risk factors listed in the fiscal year 2009 10-K SEC filings of the companies; the factors were analyzed and ranked in order by frequency cited.

Written by Joan Goodchild25 May 10 03:50

Skype worm no cause for panic, says expert

Security research firm Bkis earlier this month warned of a vicious virus targeting both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. BKIS said in a <a href="http://blog.bkis.com/en/skype-new-target-of-the-worm-spreading-via-im/">blog post</a> the attack involved inserting malicious URLs into chat windows with sophisticated social engineering hooks.

Written by Joan Goodchild19 May 10 01:07

4 things Facebook doesn't tell you about privacy, security

Let us be perfectly clear: While Facebook has received a lot of criticism lately about its new privacy policies and Open Graph concept, which allows them to partner with other sites which will also have access to some Facebook user data, Facebook isn't explicitly keeping secrets from you. But some security professionals and users continually knock the site for what they say are less-than-clear explanations about where your data is going, and how secure the site really is.

Written by Joan Goodchild13 May 10 04:10

The LoveBug worm: Ten years later

Ten years ago today, on May 4, 2000, a security team with MessageLabs, a provider of messaging security services, came in to work and discovered the number of viruses its system had intercepted in the last several hours was off the charts.

Written by Joan Goodchild06 May 10 04:14

Social network Blippy to hire CSO in wake of security woes

Blippy, a social networking site that allows users to share their purchases and discuss shopping with others, will revamp its security plans and hire a Chief Security Officer after an embarrassing incident in which the site accidentally published a few of its members' credit card numbers on Google. (CSO first reported concerns about Blippy in ShmooCon: Inside Farmville's Sinister Underbelly.)

Written by Joan Goodchild29 April 10 05:03

How investigators work to combat data theft

In almost two decades of work in the financial services industry, Brad McFarland has spent most of that time heading up fraud investigations. McFarland, currently director of corporate security with The South Financial Group, a South Carolina-based financial services holding company, is also responsible for the organization's physical security and loss preventions in addition to fraud investigation.

Written by Joan Goodchild23 April 10 01:44

A private investigator's tricks of the trade

In 1993, Private Investigator Joe Seanor had wrapped up employment stints in the CIA and the Department of Justice, and was looking for something new in his professional life.

Written by Joan Goodchild22 April 10 00:13

How security professionals monitor their kids

Cell phones, texting, IM, email, Facebook, MySpace--kids are interconnected today in ways hardly imagined two decades ago. But these technology-based communication platforms also enable new forms of an age-old parenting strategy: monitoring your kids. Who are they talking to? What are they talking about? Are they going where they said they are going?

Written by Joan Goodchild15 April 10 07:27

How to Spot Fake Job References

There have always been unethical and/or desperate job hunters out there who have used a friend or relative as a reference in order to up the chances of landing a position. Providing a fake reference that will lie and speak glowingly about you is nothing new.

Written by Joan Goodchild05 March 10 17:23

ATM skimming: how to recognise card fraud

In Boston, law enforcement officials arrested three men in January accused of being part of an international crime effort to steal money from ATMs around Eastern Massachusetts.

Written by Joan Goodchild26 Feb. 10 03:13