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Stories by Joan Goodchild

Three Ways Internet Crime Has Changed

Malware and botnets and phishing, oh my! Symantec's latest report on the Internet threat landscape highlights trends in cybercrime.

Written by Joan Goodchild06 Nov. 08 10:17

3 reasons why employees don't follow security rules

A recent survey finds employees continue to ignore security policies. (Surprise, surprise.) Here's a reminder about what often is missing in organizations that tempts workers to walk the wrong side of security law.

Written by Joan Goodchild30 Oct. 08 10:24

Report: Malicious spam spikes in the enterprise

New survey results from Sophos find the number of spam emails with dangerous attachments have soared. The report reveals the malicious messages rose eight-fold in just three months.

Written by Joan Goodchild30 Oct. 08 10:29

Inside Symantec's Security Operations Center

The inside of the Symantec Security Operations Center looks like a scene out of the movie "War Games," and in many ways, the connection is fitting. The SOC, as it is known by Symantec employees, is in the business of detecting and analyzing network threats. And as malicious activity online gets increasingly more sophisticated, the war against cybercrime is definitely on.

Written by Joan Goodchild16 Oct. 08 08:38

Four security lessons from the World Bank breach

According to a report from Fox News, several servers at the World Bank Group, an organization that offers economic assistance to developing countries around the globe, were repeatedly compromised and breached over the course of the last year.

Written by Joan Goodchild15 Oct. 08 08:39

Can security's human side stop data breaches?

Shira Rubinoff was a practicing psychologist in 2004. When it came to technology, her experience was simply as a tech user, certainly not a tech guru. Then one day she was phished.

Written by Joan Goodchild07 Oct. 08 15:29