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Stories by Michael Kan

China's Internet users reach 457 million

The number of Internet users in China reached 457 million at the end of 2010, growing by more than 73 million users from the previous year, according to official statistics released on Wednesday.

Written by Michael Kan19 Jan. 11 15:45

Hacked iTunes accounts taken off China e-commerce site

The sale of hacked iTunes accounts in China has been dealt a blow as the Chinese online retailer Taobao.com has decided to remove all product listings relating to the sale of the stolen accounts.

Written by Michael Kan11 Jan. 11 19:30

Myspace China makes staff cuts, CEO leaves

Myspace's China office cut about 30 employees last month and saw its CEO depart, a sign that the U.S.-based social networking service may be pulling back from the country's Internet market.

Written by Michael Kan10 Jan. 11 20:52

Huawei's Ideos X5 smartphone plays 720p video

Chinese network supplier Huawei Technologies believes it has a winner with its Ideos smartphone brand and is releasing another device under that name to the global market.

Written by Michael Kan07 Jan. 11 20:19

WikiLeaks: China pressured Google on Internet censorship

Google's struggles to operate its search engine in China worsened after a high-ranking Chinese official Googled himself only to find "results critical of him," according to a new cable> released by WikiLeaks on Saturday.

Written by Michael Kan06 Dec. 10 18:17

China blocks access to WikiLeaks

China has blocked Internet access to WikiLeaks' release of more than 250,000 U.S. Department of State cables, with its Foreign Ministry saying that it does not wish to see any disturbance in China-U.S. relations.

Written by Michael Kan30 Nov. 10 19:18

China telecom operator denies hijacking Internet traffic

China's largest fixed-line phone carrier has denied it hijacked worldwide Internet traffic this past April following a U.S. government report that said the company had redirected network routes through Chinese servers.

Written by Michael Kan18 Nov. 10 22:51

Apple accelerates launch of new products in China

Apple products are hitting the Chinese market faster than they used to, with the company's latest version of its MacBook Air scheduled to be released in the country this month.

Written by Michael Kan15 Nov. 10 21:47

ZTE Peel allows 3G access on iPod, hits Nov. 14

U.S. iPod touch owners will soon be able to access the Internet without a Wi-Fi hotspot by using a new add-on being launched on Sunday by Sprint and Chinese network supplier ZTE.

Written by Michael Kan11 Nov. 10 03:20