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Stories by Kim S. Nash

Taking IT reorgs to the extreme

Get ready for the disappearing IT department. Companies including Zappos, GameStop, Aetna and AccuWeather have restructured IT, sometimes radically, to respond to some harsh economic and technologic forces bearing down on CIOs.

Written by Kim S. Nash31 March 15 06:17

Tech and Exec Disasters Put J.C. Penney in a Bind

Many retailers count on the winter holiday season to deliver sizeable sales and profits. For J.C. Penney, this year will be a test of survival. Since 2011, the 112-year-old department store chain has lost $3 billion as two different CEOs whipsawed employees and customers alike with radically different business strategies. Now a third CEO is due to take over in August. Along the way, J.C. Penney's IT group has seen three CIOs, one CTO and three ecommerce leaders.

Written by Kim S. Nash25 Nov. 14 01:53

How Social Media Can Influence High-Stakes Business Decisions

In a battle against Southwest Airlines this year for control of two gates at Dallas Love Field airport, Virgin America launched a social media blitz using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, plus an Internet petition to local government officials. The conflict started when the Department of Justice told American Airlines it had to give up its positions at Love Field before it could acquire US Airways. Southwest already controlled 16 of the airport's 20 gates, and Virgin wanted in.

Written by Kim S. Nash29 Sept. 14 23:54

CIOs Consider Putting a Price Tag on Data

Figure out the dollar value of your information assets. Then you'll know what the 'I' in CIO is really worth -- and how much to spend protecting it.

Written by Kim S. Nash23 June 14 22:48

CIOs Who Serve on Boards Sharpen Their Business Skills

Relatively few CIOs sit on external corporate boards. But those who do come back to their day jobs with personal and professional insights that boost their careers -- and give their home companies a competitive edge.

Written by Kim S. Nash29 April 14 22:55

How Unemployed CIOs Can Survive the Dark Days

A long job hunt takes a personal and professional toll. CIOs have family and financial concerns while they reassess their careers and face a changing job market. But here's how CIOs can emerge stronger than ever.

Written by Kim S. Nash26 Feb. 14 22:43

State of the CIO 2014: The Great Schism

Digital strategist or traditional CIO? Our 13th annual State of the CIO research reveals the great career divide.

Written by Kim S. Nash02 Jan. 14 13:31

CIOs Share How They Made the Leap to CEO

CIOs who won the CEO job talk candidly about the relentless pressure for profits, the ultimate accountability and what they wish they'd known as CIO.

Written by Kim S. Nash25 Sept. 13 13:06

Top CIOs Use IT to Speed Up the Business

The need for speed underpins many of the projects we honor in our 26th annual CIO 100 awards. We recognize organizations whose IT work shows innovation and impressive business value. In 2013, it's clear that meeting those marks often requires a quicker way to get things done. External customer transactions, internal decision making, the very way IT operates to support new business ideas--it's all going faster, then faster still.

Written by Kim S. Nash25 July 13 20:01

How play at work can lead to IT innovation

All work and no play does more than make Jack a dull boy. It can stifle creativity. A playful office helps corporate problem-solving and sparks innovation.

Written by Kim S. Nash26 March 13 17:45

Social Media Marries Big Data at Wedding Retailer

David's Bridal uses data from its social shopping community, where the bride-to-be shares plans with the wedding party, to tie the knot with customers

Written by Kim S. Nash26 Feb. 13 14:57