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Stories by Kim S. Nash

Facebook Tech Infrastructure Needs Constant Care

Started in a dorm room four years ago, the social networking site Facebook now claims to be the fourth most-trafficked site in the world. Ninety million active users pound on 10,000 servers every day, uploading millions and millions of pieces of information in a given month. For example, "friends," who socialize in 21 languages, add 500 million photos per month.

Written by Kim S. Nash02 Sept. 08 13:35

Entourage, IT Style: The CIO's Trusted Advisers

What's it take to be a superstar CIO? One thing is an entourage of trusted advisers, including project managers, recruiters, publicists and troubleshooters who keep top CIOs at the top of their game

Written by Kim S. Nash30 July 08 10:57

Blog: Tomatoes, Oil, Internet Addiction: How Tech is Cramping My Lifestyle

Technology is really cramping my lifestyle this summer. Some of this technology is being used too well (oil industry), some too poorly (by me), and in other cases, there's not enough technology (food supply). As a result, I'm suffering. You are, too. How? I'm glad you asked.

Written by Kim S. Nash11 July 08 14:45

How Oil Companies Use BI to Maximize Profits

Gas tops US$4 per gallon. Crude is trading at all-time highs-above US$140 a barrel. And oil and gas companies are booking fat profits. In May, Exxon Mobil reported US$10.9 billion in profits for its latest quarter, just short of its record-breaking US$11.7 billion the quarter before.

Written by Kim S. Nash08 July 08 14:37

TCO versus ROI

Whether return on investment drives more technology decisions than total cost of ownership shows how your company views IT

Written by Kim S. Nash18 April 08 12:34

Total Recall

At lunchtime one day last January, Jill Hein, an Iowa mother of eight, took a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter out of her pantry. She opened the lid. Everything seemed fine. No funny odour. No odd colour

Written by Kim S. Nash04 Feb. 08 12:58

Three Big Ideas for 2008: How to Do CRM Online

Just as all politics is local, all business is now online. Even if you don't offer e-commerce, customers and critics will be talking about you online anyway. Here's how to cope.

Written by Kim S. Nash07 Jan. 08 12:30

How to Lay Dead Technologies to Rest

Disney wants new business projects to plan for decommissioning obsolete or unsupported technology up front.

Written by Kim S. Nash06 Nov. 07 11:37

Blog: Google Doesn't Tread on American Blind's Trademarks

Google and American Blind & Wallpaper Factory have settled their lawsuit over whether the search service tramples American Blind's trademarks when it sells ads that pop up after Internet users search for terms such as "American blinds" and "American wallpaper."

Written by Kim S. Nash06 Sept. 07 11:34