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Stories by Joab Jackson

Citrix buys Paglo to boost asset management

Desktop management and virtualization software company Citrix has purchased IT-asset-monitoring service provider <a href="http://paglo.com">Paglo</a> for an undisclosed amount, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Written by Joab Jackson26 Feb. 10 07:09

FSF to Google: Free the On2 video codec

In an open letter to Google, the Free Software Foundation has urged Google to open source a video codec that it acquired in its purchase of On2, completed Monday.

Written by Joab Jackson23 Feb. 10 05:11

Lego creating multiplayer online game

Toy construction set company Lego Group plans to launch an MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) in the second half of this year, to be called Lego Universe, said Mark Hansen, director of business development and LEGO lead for the project.

Written by Joab Jackson18 Feb. 10 11:31

Oracle calls for JavaOne papers

Oracle has issued a call for papers for a rescheduled JavaOne conference, to be held this year alongside Oracle OpenWorld, Sept. 19-23, in San Francisco.

Written by Joab Jackson12 Feb. 10 07:12

IETF turns introspective with new wiki

The Internet Engineering Task Force has set up a wiki to document which of its standards were successful and why.

Written by Joab Jackson05 Feb. 10 09:47

IBM to debut info management software

Next month, IBM will release a beta version of a software application designed to keep track of how information flows across different systems, sending alerts when source data has been altered or isn't properly ingested into some target system or report.

Written by Joab Jackson04 Feb. 10 06:07

Citrix sees smartphone as thin client

Remote application software provider Citrix and mobile virtualization software vendor Open Kernel Labs have joined to author a specification for turning tomorrow's smartphones into mobile thin-client devices, the two companies announced today. They call their creation the Nirvana Phone.

Written by Joab Jackson03 Feb. 10 05:30

VMware revenue lifted by maintenance fees

Virtualization company VMware has reported a healthy increase in revenue for the fourth quarter, thanks largely to gains from software maintenance fees.

Written by Joab Jackson26 Jan. 10 11:07

Microsoft revenue boosted by Windows 7

Thanks largely to the Windows 7 launch, Microsoft on Thursday reported a strong increase in net income and revenue for its second quarter of fiscal 2010.

Written by Joab Jackson29 Jan. 10 11:37

Oracle brings Solaris, Sparc into virtualization portfolio

Oracle plans to broaden its range of virtualization offerings, thanks to a number of applications obtained in the Sun Microsystems acquisition, said Oracle chief architect Edward Screven.

Written by Joab Jackson28 Jan. 10 10:37

Sybase joins in-memory database fray

The new version of Sybase's flagship database system software, released Wednesday, will be the first version that can be run entirely within working memory.

Written by Joab Jackson28 Jan. 10 06:02

Sandia tests supercomputer virtualization

The U.S. Energy Department's Sandia National Laboratories is investigating the possibility of using virtualization to allow its researchers to make better use of its behemoth Red Storm supercomputer. Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico are also participating in the project.

Written by Joab Jackson27 Jan. 10 05:01

Heartland moves to encrypted payment system

Responding to its widely reported and massive data breach that took place a year ago, Heartland Payment Systems will be moving to an end-to-end encryption system for payment transactions, according to Chairman and CEO Robert Carr.

Written by Joab Jackson21 Jan. 10 07:01