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Stories by Joab Jackson

Survey: Social media not useful for BI yet

While the number of users on Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking sites continues to grow, business intelligence practitioners remain skeptical about the value of knowledge such services could generate, if one survey by a data warehousing firm is any indication.

Written by Joab Jackson13 Jan. 10 05:55

SAP plays up sustainability angle

Organizations seeking ways to conserve energy and profit from being green may find the true gains won’t come from "greening" their data centers, but rather by maximizing the efficiency of their supply chains, said Peter Graf, the chief sustainability officer for SAP.

Written by Joab Jackson12 Jan. 10 06:17

MySQL developers release 5.5 beta

The MySQL developer community has released the first public iteration of what will be the next version of MySQL, version 5.5.

Written by Joab Jackson19 Dec. 09 01:03

Canonical CEO steps aside

Mark Shuttleworth, the South African-born entrepreneur who founded Linux distribution provider Canonical, will be stepping down from his post as company CEO, Canonical announced. Jane Silber, currently the chief operating officer and director of online services for the company, will take the role of CEO by March 1.

Written by Joab Jackson18 Dec. 09 05:49

Dell launches dedicated services organization

Dell has launched a dedicated services organization, appropriately named Dell Services, that will focus on midmarket enterprise customers. The company formed the unit by integrating Perot Systems, purchased Nov. 3 for US$3.9 billion, with the enterprise services operation from its own Large Enterprise business unit.

Written by Joab Jackson17 Dec. 09 06:24

Citrix debuts disaster recovery app

Citrix has developed disaster recovery software that uses Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology to help automate and speed the recovery process.

Written by Joab Jackson16 Dec. 09 07:12

Multiple consumer electronics companies hit with GPL lawsuit

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has brought a copyright lawsuit against 14 consumer electronics companies for allegedly violating GNU General Public License (GPL) in the use of GPL-licensed software in their products. Among those named in the suit are Best Buy, JVC, Western Digital Technologies and Westinghouse.

Written by Joab Jackson15 Dec. 09 07:06

Red Hat open sources desktop application protocol

Red Hat has open sourced a virtual desktop protocol it acquired last year, called the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment (SPICE), in the hope of fostering its wider adoption.

Written by Joab Jackson11 Dec. 09 09:34

JSON data interchange format gets standards blessing

An up-and-coming lightweight data interchange format for Web applications, considered by a growing number of people to be an alternative to XML, has gotten a boost from the standards body Ecma.

Written by Joab Jackson11 Dec. 09 08:55