Stories by Paul Mah

How to Overcome Small Business Data Recovery Challenges

Data recovery has mattered ever since businesses started relying on PCs in the workplace. Today's common storage options for small businesses all present some disaster recovery challenges. Here's what your organization should do to address them.

Written by Paul Mah19 Sept. 13 12:45

6 Steps for Setting Up a Small Business Server Room

Are you worried about relying on a third-party online service provider to store your business data in light of NSA spying revelations? Learn how to set up your own server room for an on-premises deployment instead.

Written by Paul Mah10 Sept. 13 18:05

How to Deploy IP Cameras in Your Small Business

Deterring would-be criminals and resolving disputes rank among the benefits derived from setting up IP cameras to keep an eye on your business. Here are some guidelines and recommendations on what to look for in a network camera solution.

Written by Paul Mah19 Aug. 13 13:32

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 a Good, But Pricey, Business Tool

The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a business-centric mobile device that offers an all-day PC experience. Battery life is impressive, as is the included stylus. But the optional accessories that make it an effective tool for power users are also the features that leave the most room for improvement.

Written by Paul Mah01 Aug. 13 14:33

How to Keep Terrorists, Hackers and Other Bad Guys From Stealing Your Data

Public cloud providers offer inexpensive application hosting and data storage services. However, relying on a service provider to secure your data is risky business, so you need to take your own precautions. Here's what it takes to ensure security without breaking the bank.

Written by Paul Mah16 July 13 14:37

How to Maximize Your Work Productivity on the Road

Heading on a business trip? To get work done, you're going to need more than your laptop, smartphone and tablet. Here's what else you need to bring to be as productive as possible.

Written by Paul Mah19 June 13 12:56

How to Secure USB Drives and Other Portable Storage Devices

For all their convenience, misplaced or stolen storage devices often result in the loss of confidential data. To protect against embarrassing, costly and damaging data breaches, take these steps to protect your employees' portable storage devices.

Written by Paul Mah28 May 13 14:09

How to Set Up a Multiple-Monitor Workstation

Having two or more monitors makes it easier for an employee to multitask, but many companies deem multi-monitor workstations too expensive or too difficult to set up. This guide will walk you through common issues, considerations and tips related to deploying multiple monitors.

Written by Paul Mah08 May 13 12:58

Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Small, Simple and Affordable

Small businesses looking for network attached storage would be wise to look at the Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2. Administrators will find this appliance easy to manage and will appreciate its support for third-party add-ons.

Written by Paul Mah12 March 13 17:08

Top 10 Tech Upgrades to Make Your Small Business Run Faster

If you want your employees to get things done faster in 2013, they need technology that will keep up with them. Here are 10 technology upgrades that promise to give your small business an impressive return on your IT investment.

Written by Paul Mah04 Feb. 13 15:39

Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points for Your Small Business

How does the latest Wi-Fi hardware from Ruckus Wireless stack up? This review rates two access points and one controller appliance on configuration, security, authentication and performance--all key considerations for a small business that wants a new or upgraded Wi-Fi network.

Written by Paul Mah31 Jan. 13 14:39