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Stories by Ben Worthen

The Declaration of Interdependence

Digital cameras didn't creep up on the Drees company as much as they pounced. Five years ago a lot of employees at the $US1.1 billion real estate company weren't even using computers. Today, those same employees are responsible for one of the company's more innovative uses of technology

Written by Ben Worthen03 Sept. 07 15:02

Lessons From the Red Light Web

Rarely acknowledged by the mainstream, adult and gaming sites collect a healthy percentage of Web traffic and account for a good deal of innovation, too

Written by Ben Worthen26 July 07 17:09

Extreme Outsourcing

Nandan Nilekani, CEO of the outsourcing firm Infosys and the man who inspired the phrase "the world is flat", is pushing a new mantra that could become just as universal: "Work will be done where it makes the most sense."

Written by Ben Worthen28 June 07 10:10

The Enterprise Gets Googled

Can you imagine an IT environment without applications to roll out? You're going to have to if Google's plan to conquer the enterprise works

Written by Ben Worthen08 June 07 11:00

Scent of a Merger

On December 14 and 15, 2005, Coty, one of the world's largest cosmetic and fragrance makers, held an all-hands-on-deck executive meeting at the company's headquarters in New York City. Five months earlier, Coty had acquired Unilever Cosmetics International (UCI), a subsidiary of the eponymous conglomerate, and Coty's IT team was just finishing moving UCI employees off Unilever's infrastructure and onto Coty's

Written by Ben Worthen07 May 07 15:04

Users Who Know Too Much (And the CIOs Who Fear Them)

An April 2006 survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 45 percent of adults who use the Internet said it has improved their ability to do their jobs "a lot".

Written by Ben Worthen06 March 07 14:17

Beyond Vista

Every decade or so, a new platform emerges that reduces the cost of running an IT department to such an extent that vendors have no choice but to embrace it or die. In the 1990s, PCs with powerful operating systems spelled the end of mainframe development and ushered in the client/server era. Today, cheap servers and high-speed Internet connections are triggering a move away from traditional desktop PC software and to software as a service, hosted by a third party and delivered over the Internet.

Written by Ben Worthen22 Jan. 07 12:19

Formula for Efficiency

In 1996 the Dow Chemical Company, which at $US46 billion in annual revenue sits comfortably in the top half of the Fortune 100, set a series of ambitious environmental, health and safety goals — ranging from decreasing leaks and emissions to improving overall safety performance — that it hoped to attain by 2005. Dow claims that it reached slightly more than half its goals, and it credits a transformation brought about in large part through IT. Over that time, Dow spent about $US700 million on IT per year, leading to a $US2.3 billion increase in productivity.

Written by Ben Worthen19 Jan. 07 14:18

Glaser faces the music

For the CIO of Partners Healthcare, fixing recurrent slowdowns and outages to the electronic medical records system was a major test of leadership.

Written by Ben Worthen12 Sept. 06 15:09

IT Versus Terror

Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist branch, told the BBC that the surveillance involved in foiling the plot to blow up trans-Atlantic planes had been "unprecedented".

Written by Ben Worthen14 Aug. 06 12:15

The Right Stuff

What does it take to make the leadership leap? Do you have what it takes?

Written by Ben Worthen12 July 06 12:37

Message Therapy

The recent wave of regulations require an entirely new approach to storing and searching e-mails. Noncompliance is not an option.

Written by Ben Worthen06 Oct. 05 09:19

ITIL Power

Why the IT Infrastructure Library is becoming one of the most popular process frameworks for running IT, and what it can do for you.

Written by Ben Worthen11 Oct. 05 12:41

How To Dig Out From Under Sarbanes-Oxley

Unless CIOs do Sarbanes-Oxley differently this time, it will cost even more money and cause even more pain. Here's how to avoid all (or at least most) of that.

Written by Ben Worthen09 Aug. 05 15:41