Stories by Tim Greene

Trump may ask businesses to boost cybersecurity

President Donald Trump may be seeking more cooperation from private businesses to shore up the defense of critical infrastructure that they control.

Written by Tim Greene02 Feb. 17 10:55

Cisco: Spam is making a big-time comeback

Spam is making a surprising resurgence as a threat to corporate security and becoming a more significant carrier of attacks as varied as spear phishing, ransomware and bots, according to Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report.

Written by Tim Greene01 Feb. 17 05:58

Cisco scrambling to fix a remote-code-execution problem in WebEx

Cisco’s Webex Browser Extension contain a critical bug that can open up customers’ entire computers to remote code execution attacks if the browsers visit websites containing specially crafted malicious code.

Written by Tim Greene26 Jan. 17 00:01

Rudy Giuliani to coordinate regular cybersecurity meetings between Trump, tech leaders

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump has tapped him to gather top cybersecurity leaders to meet with the administration regularly to share “all the information available in the private sector” with the goal of improving national cyber defenses “because we’re so far behind.”

Written by Tim Greene13 Jan. 17 03:46

Lessons for corporate IT from Geek Squad legal case

The life of the corporate desktop team can turn into a legal nightmare quickly if end users haven’t agreed that it’s OK for techs to search their machines, something that has come to light in a California child pornography case involving Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Written by Tim Greene13 Jan. 17 03:35

Trump docs claim Russia has cracked Telegram messaging service

The raw intelligence documents published this week that contain salacious stories about Donald Trump also offer up a glimpse into how Russia goes about its cyber spying – including the tidbit that it has cracked Telegram’s encrypted instant messaging service.

Written by Tim Greene12 Jan. 17 09:52

Fortinet embraces Cisco, HPE, Nokia

Fortinet is adding Cisco, HPE and Nokia to its stable of partners whose security gear can share information with Fortinet products to improve overall security.

Written by Tim Greene11 Jan. 17 02:57

Non-malware attacks are on the rise

Security pros need to pay attention to malicious activities that don’t rely on actual malware to succeed, according to a study by Carbon Black.

Written by Tim Greene16 Dec. 16 09:25