Stories by Tim Greene

Cloud security stokes concerns at RSA

Two words -- cloud security -- dominated discussion and drove the action this week at RSA Conference 2009.

Written by Tim Greene24 April 09 09:19

White House e-mail crashes

The tech-savvy Obama White House is suffering the inconvenience and embarrassment of an e-mail crash that has lasted several hours Monday afternoon, according to published reports.

Written by Tim Greene28 Jan. 09 06:04

Cisco CTO could be tapped by Obama

Cisco's CTO Padmasree Warrior is one of the top two candidates for the first US CTO, expected to be named any day now, according to published reports.

Written by Tim Greene19 Jan. 09 09:27

Researchers aim for cheap peer-to-peer zero-day worm defense

Shutting down computer attacks could be carried out inexpensively by peer-to-peer software that shares information about anomalous behavior, say researchers at the University of California at Davis.

Written by Tim Greene14 Jan. 09 12:10

California city rebuilds network using open-source apps

When the city of Madera, California, needed a new voice system, it turned to open-source technology -- not just for the IP telephony but for an entire network-infrastructure overhaul and loads of other functions. All the renovations cost less than half the estimated price of deploying a commercial voice over IP VoIP system alone. This smart, budget-wise use of open source across the network wins the city a 2007 Enterprise All-Star Award.

Written by Tim Greene05 Dec. 07 07:12

Federal CISOs seek security standards to prevent breaches

Despite official urging, telecommuting within US federal agencies is languishing, in part because standards for how to secure mobile endpoints don't exist -- mainly the laptops telecommuters would use when outside the office.

Written by Tim Greene04 Oct. 07 08:54

CSOs Lasting Longer, Still Out After Three Years

The lifespan of corporate CSOs is increasing, with the average stay about 36 months, up from 24 months just a few years ago, attendees of CSO Bootcamp at Interop Las Vegas were told.

Written by Tim Greene28 May 07 16:23

Study: Businesses Don't Grasp Web App Security Threats

Businesses may unwittingly leave themselves open to application-layer attacks because they don't understand their networks lack defenses to deflect them, according to a study by Forrester Research.

Written by Tim Greene28 March 07 14:47