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Stories by Lamont Wood

How it works: Iris scanning improves smartphone security

Samsung and other vendors are beginning to incorporate iris scanning into their mobile devices. We examine how this security technology works, its advantages and its drawbacks.

Written by Lamont Wood08 Sept. 16 20:00

SWSX highlights bright and dark tech futures

Some panelists also talked about uncertainty: The worlds of big data, AI, and government are just beginning to collide, and public policy decisions made now will cast shadows far into the future.

Written by Lamont Wood15 March 16 21:57

Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

It used to be simple: Multiply the microprocessor's clock rate by four, and you could measure a computer's computational power in megaFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second) or gigaFLOPS (billions of FLOPS.)

Written by Lamont Wood18 Sept. 14 23:07

AI gets its groove back

Thanks to the advent of Big Data, new algorithms and massive, affordable computing power, artificial intelligence is now, finally, on a roll again.

Written by Lamont Wood14 April 14 20:35

Malware: War without end

Ceaselessly, with no end in sight despite outlays that amount to a tax on doing business, the decades-long struggle against malware drags on.

Written by Lamont Wood26 Nov. 13 15:17

Hackathons for the rest of us

Forget softball games. Hackathons promote togetherness among techies while benefiting the enterprise, and no one gets pitcher's elbow.

Written by Lamont Wood09 Oct. 13 11:20

Incubator grows firms via geek service swaps

The tenants at this tech-oriented co-working space/business incubator have a resource they could not tap elsewhere: one another. Collaboration with strangers is, in fact, required for membership.

Written by Lamont Wood25 Sept. 12 14:01

Today, printers. Tomorrow, 'integrated peripherals'?

Out went 42 aging black and white copiers with interface boxes that let them serve as printers. In went 42 new networked multi-function printers (MFPs) that could do color printing and copying and scan directly to e-mail, fax or files. And the owner, the Park Hill School District in Kansas City, MO, saves $19,000 yearly.

Written by Lamont Wood08 May 12 20:56