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Stories by Tim Lohman

Defence needs its own app store: ADF CIO

The Australian Defence Force will seek to create its own Apple-like app store as a means to more quickly deliver applications and capabilities to service and support personnel.

Written by Tim Lohman21 March 12 11:06

Call for mandatory data breach notifications renewed

Australian consumers are facing unnecessary cyber security risks thanks to the ongoing lack of mandatory data breach notification laws, the Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety has heard.

Written by Tim Lohman15 March 12 12:52

Queensland appoints whole-of-government CIO

Just a day on from issuing a statement that it was still looking for a whole-of-government CIO, the Queensland government has announced that it has appointed Professor Peter Grant to the role.

Written by Tim Lohman01 Dec. 11 15:05

Queensland govt still looking for CIO

Nearly six months on from announcing that Queensland would appoint a new CIO to oversee the state's ICT, the government has confirmed that it is still yet to fill the role.

Written by Tim Lohman30 Nov. 11 13:40

Next Generation IT Platform (NGP) value will come: NAB

National Australia Bank (NAB) chief executive, Cameron Clyne, has sought to reassure shareholders that the benefits of the company’s Next Generation IT Platform (NGP) will come.

Written by Tim Lohman27 Oct. 11 12:00

NSW govt calls for ICT industry comment

The NSW government is calling on the ICT industry to help shape the recent Digital Economy Action Plan through detailed comment and formal submissions on the plan and its terms of reference.

Written by Tim Lohman24 Oct. 11 11:27

OpenWorld 2011: Exadata underpinning Oracle Cloud play

Oracle is banking that when organisations across the Asia Pacific turn to new infrastructure to support their move to private cloud or launch of public cloud services, bigger equals better.

Written by Tim Lohman05 Oct. 11 09:10

OpenWorld 2011: It's all about video - Cisco's Chambers

Cisco is betting that video-based collaboration will be the foremost driver of productivity – and customer dollars for the troubled networking vendor – in the coming decade.

Written by Tim Lohman06 Oct. 11 03:31

OpenWorld 2011: IT transformations are too much work

Once the current wave of core IT transformations have been completed it will be many years before we see their likes again as they have become simply too big, complex, and hard to do.

Written by Tim Lohman05 Oct. 11 11:18

OpenWorld 2011: Big Red apps coming to iPad and Android

In a clear sign of the influence consumer mobile devices are having in the enterprise Oracle has flagged that it plans to make available iPad- and Android-compatible versions of its traditional ERP and CRM suites as well as its latest Fusion apps.

Written by Tim Lohman06 Oct. 11 07:42

OpenWorld 2011: Infosys seeks high-value IT work

Infosys chief S.D. Shibulal has signaled his intention to add more Australian customers to its books as the Indian outsourcing company moves into a period of expansion into higher-value consulting and systems integration work.

Written by Tim Lohman06 Oct. 11 09:04

OpenWorld 2011: Oracle looks to Apple for strategy

Big numbers, big claims, big data and big ambitions dominated this year’s keynote speech from Oracle chief Larry Ellison on the first day of a massive OpenWorld 2011.

Written by Tim Lohman03 Oct. 11 00:00

OpenWorld 2011: Coopers upgrades to JDE 9

In the competitive world of beer brewing responding to the complex demands of major retailers, distributors and pubs can be just a big a challenge as nailing the perfect blend of malt, hops, water and yeast.

Written by Tim Lohman04 Oct. 11 06:31