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Stories by Tim Lohman

Monash eyes video conferencing for collaboration boost

Monash University is upping its use of next generation, high definition video conferencing in an effort to foster greater collaboration between students, lecturers and researchers.

Written by Tim Lohman27 May 09 13:28

Global Recession an opportunity for IT organisations to skill up?

As the global financial crisis continues to bite and staff are laid off, the question of whether the recession presents an opportunity organisation to pick up some highly skilled workers at fire-sale prices has emerged.

Written by Tim Lohman27 May 09 11:32

EBay defends online ticket resales

EBay has defended its policies on the reselling of event tickets on its site following the mass posting of AC/DC tickets on its site just hours after the tickets went on sale, and promptly sold out, yesterday.

Written by Tim Lohman26 May 09 15:46

Ticketek Thunderstruck by AC/DC ticket sales demand

Online ticket sales site Ticketek was this morning paralysed by demand for tickets to AC/DC’s Black Ice Australian tour, which went on sale this morning at 9am.

Written by Tim Lohman25 May 09 10:42

GFC Dampens CIO IT Budget Optimism: Gartner

The global financial crisis is beginning to negatively impact the optimism of CIOs across Australia and New Zealand, Gartner has found.

Written by Tim Lohman19 May 09 12:08

ACCC questions Hutchison, Vodafone merger

The ACCC has warned that the proposed merger between Hutchison and Vodafone, announced on February 9th, could lead to increased prices for mobile telephony and mobile broadband (MBB).

Written by Tim Lohman02 April 09 12:12

CommBank Launches New-look NetBank

The Commonwealth Bank has announced an upgrade of its customer service portal, NetBank, aimed at creating a single site, sign on and password to access a wider range of the bank’s websites and services.

Written by Tim Lohman18 May 09 16:33

IBM moves into Stream Computing with System S

IBM has launched new ‘stream computing’ software which will allow the real time analysis of several hundred simultaneous streams of data to deliver.

Written by Tim Lohman14 May 09 16:49

Inside Telstra's Virtualisation Strategy

Telstra is increasingly turning to virtualisation as its core strategy to both manage the rising costs of, and growth in, its data centres, according the company’s CIO, John McInerney.

Written by Tim Lohman11 May 09 14:12