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Stories by Kevin Fogarty

5 ways you waste money on virtualization

More than three quarters of U.S. companies virtualize at least some of their x86-based servers, but few get their full money's worth out of virtualization efforts -- due to management blunders, analysts say.

Written by Kevin Fogarty01 April 11 05:23

Server virtualization: Six management myths

During the past three to five years, when most companies began rolling out virtual servers in earnest as replacements for physical servers, acceptance has grown so quickly among both end users and IT staffs that more than half of all companies now deploy new applications on virtual servers by preference, rather than physical ones, according to a December study from IDC.

Written by Kevin Fogarty25 March 11 03:19

Four virtualization security basics to watch

While mobile and smartphone security is the hot topic of the moment among virtualization security gurus, plenty of other virtualization security topics demand IT's attention right now. At the recent RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, the interest in virtualization security ran high - with good reason. Different IT departments are at different points on their virtualization journeys, of course, and some are still thinking about security in the old physical world terms, analysts say.

Written by Kevin Fogarty10 March 11 07:13

Virtualization on mobile devices: what's taking so long?

Despite years of marketing pressure and products that are simpler to use and more widely available, desktop virtualization hasn't taken off to the extent that vendors and analysts expected even a few years ago.

Written by Kevin Fogarty25 Feb. 11 08:12

E-discovery: How a law firm slashes time and costs

It's no secret that corporations are drowning in data. IDC estimates the volume of computer data worldwide will reach 1.2 million petabytes during 2011. A November, 2010 Gartner study found data growth was one of the top three challenges for data center managers at 47 per cent of large enterprises.

Written by Kevin Fogarty16 Feb. 11 09:29

From green screen apps to the Cloud

Moving from an entertainment-industry business to a healthcare company is a big change in environment and culture, says Brett Michalak, former CIO of Tickets.com, who became CIO at Crescent Healthcare in May.

Written by Kevin Fogarty28 Jan. 11 04:03

Virtualization and cloud computing hiring outlook for 2011

Despite so many optimistic predictions from Gartner, IDC and other surveys about the growth of cloud computing that they're almost an industry in themselves, there's no better indication of real interest from real companies than spending on a new technology.

Written by Kevin Fogarty14 Jan. 11 06:40

LG, VMware aim to deliver two phones in one

The agreement announced this week by VMware and LG electronics will act a proof of concept of VMware's virtualization technology on mobile devices, but may not do either VMware or LG much good otherwise, analysts say.

Written by Kevin Fogarty09 Dec. 10 08:04

Wine meets cloud: How a SaaS app bottles sweet BI

Cloud computing gives small and mid-sized businesses -- even wineries -- IT-enabled capabilities that they otherwise couldn't begin to afford. The tradeoff with SaaS solutions for the midmarket, however, is that customers usually have to accept relatively generic implementations and a small number of providers for their specific industries, says IDC research analyst Ian Song. Customization costs can add up.

Written by Kevin Fogarty30 Nov. 10 05:35

Desktop virtualization: Vendors fight but users still happy

There is so much competition for what computer companies perceive as a tremendous growth opportunity in desktop virtualization that the leading virtual desktop vendors have taken to re-announcing packages and products to highlight small improvements and garner some attention.

Written by Kevin Fogarty18 Nov. 10 07:02

Microsoft ramps up fight to be Cloud leader

Microsoft has launched a series of partnerships, functional enhancements and product packages in an effort to make its cloud offerings more attractive to enterprise customers and raise the profile of its Hyper-V hypervisor as a potential ingredient for cloud-based systems.

Written by Kevin Fogarty12 Nov. 10 05:52

Cloud performance metrics: No standards, so mileage varies

How well will a particular application perform in a given cloud computing environment? That's a basic question for IT groups who are comparison shopping among cloud optionsand one that's tough to answer at the moment. Apples to apples comparisons prove almost impossible.

Written by Kevin Fogarty04 Nov. 10 11:36

Microsoft vs. Amazon Clouds: 5 key differences

How quickly are end-user companies adopting public cloud computing platforms as a key part of their IT strategies and infrastructures? That depends on who you ask.

Written by Kevin Fogarty03 Nov. 10 08:04

Cloud computing's current woe: Analysis paralysis

A recent study from application integration/app hosting company Hubspan added to the pile of research showing that a significant percentage of corporate IT people are "confused" about both cloud computing technology and its potential benefits.

Written by Kevin Fogarty22 Oct. 10 06:42