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Stories by Kevin Fogarty

Cloud Standards: Trickier than Nailing Jelly to a Wall

Just try creating a definition of cloud computing that's broad enough to encompass all its permutations and narrow enough to provide technical guidance on how to get one cloud talking to another.

Written by Kevin Fogarty30 April 09 09:30

VMware, ISVs Square Off on Fault Tolerance

Among the consequences of VMware's battery of vSphere 4 announcements Tuesday about its new virtualization infrastructure and add-on components, third-party software vendors specializing in fault-tolerance and high-availability are feeling new pressure now that VMware has added basic versions of those functions to its core product.<br/>

Written by Kevin Fogarty23 April 09 09:09

VMware Updates Story on VDC-OS and Private Cloud

VMware is widely expected to announce the next step in its road to its previously announced Virtual Data Center operating system in a webinar on Tuesday, April 21st.<br/>

Written by Kevin Fogarty17 April 09 09:33

Top 5 Virtualization Skills Enterprises Want Now

It's a mixed blessing that you can deploy virtualization quickly: If your team lacks experience and knowledge, speed can kill, impacting security and application performance, just for starters. No wonder virtualization skills remain hot even in this cool IT jobs market. Here's a look at the five most wanted virtualization skills.

Written by Kevin Fogarty03 April 09 02:26

10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch in 2009

Which virtualization management tool vendors should be on your radar screen in 2009? Here's CIO.com's second annual list of the best and brightest innovators in virtualization management, security, backup and more.

Written by Kevin Fogarty20 Feb. 09 05:38

Moving a Data Center Into the Cloud

A year in which the economics of the travel and hotel industries are so bad that business analysts keep making comparisons to the months immediately following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York is not generally the time most IT people would be comfortable putting together a disaster recovery plan for the first time. Most would be in their offices, sweating over spreadsheets, looking for ways to trim spending a bit more, or push a project to drive down operational costs.

Written by Kevin Fogarty28 Nov. 08 08:40

Blog: Mix-and-Match Trouble with Virtualization, Cloud Computing

A group of virtualization and cloud-computing experts gathered at MIT's Emerging Technology conference this week had good news and bad news for people who have committed large parts of their IT budgets and career ambitions to virtualization. The good news is that virtualization will become a critical part of an even larger part of most IT infrastructures as time goes on.

Written by Kevin Fogarty02 Oct. 08 11:16

Blog: The Trouble With VMware's Windows Certification Play

I usually try not to write too much about what other people are blogging about-especially when some of the "people" are actually vendors. Bloggers commenting on each other can create a good discussion, but writing about what other people are writing about what other people are writing about gets you through the looking glass into WhoCaresLand pretty quickly, and I have a pretty short attention span anyway and-hey, look, a bird!

Written by Kevin Fogarty29 Aug. 08 14:13

Microsoft leaves virtual machines half-shackled

VMware dodged a bullet this week, though its escape has more to do with Microsoft's reluctance to give up a dollar of revenue even to make life easier for its customers than to anything VMware has done to secure its own position.

Written by Kevin Fogarty22 Aug. 08 15:38

Blog: VMware Hesitates at a Turning Point

VMware is approaching the kind of turning point that defines a company as either a brilliant success or a flash in the pan, and it's not entirely clear which way it's going to turn.

Written by Kevin Fogarty11 Aug. 08 13:59