Stories by Ted Samson

EMC: RSA SecurID info swiped via sophisticated hack attack

EMC issued a warning today that hackers have stolen information about its RSA SecurID two-factor authentication that could be used by cybercriminals to more easily breach customers' systems,

Written by Ted Samson18 March 11 10:38

Oracle rolls out more critical patches for troublesome Java

Oracle has unloaded a hefty package of patches aimed at fixing critical vulnerabilities in Java SE and Java for Business, and Oracle as well as third-party security experts are urging IT admins to deploy the security update immediately.

Written by Ted Samson18 Feb. 11 11:21

HP grooms green data center services for small-business market

HP today unveiled a host of new services aimed at helping small data-center operators boost performance and cut operating costs. Aimed at data centers up to 5,000 square feet in size, these facilities-oriented services include capacity analysis, infrastructure condition and capacity analysis, and energy-efficiency analysis.

Written by Ted Samson24 Feb. 10 23:59

Boost efficiency and cut waste with supply-chain automation

Every week, I feel like I'm discovering new ways for companies to reduce the amount of paper and ink they use each day -- not to mention the amount they spend shipping pieces of paper hither and yon for signing, processing, and filing (by no means a trivial cost, either, considering that a single 6 oz. large envelope shipped via USPS Express can cost around US$19.50 or $4.80 if it's sent Priority).

Written by Ted Samson26 Sept. 08 10:42

Green IT: Whose project is it?

Who should be responsible for your company's energy initiatives? Your organization may be grappling with the answer to that question. Controlling IT energy consumption has become a high priority for many companies as a way to lower costs, maintain business operations, and reduce their impact on the environment. It can be a rather daunting challenge, given that so many areas of a company's IT infrastructure -- from the desktop to the datacenter -- contribute to power usage, not to mention that various departments have vested and sometimes conflicting interests in those operations (for instance, users want might want more computing power -- but another department has to pay for it).

Written by Ted Samson06 June 08 10:57

The ROI of green IT

There's no question that some companies pursue green solutions because it's the right thing to do. But plenty of them also do it for the cost savings.

Written by Ted Samson28 March 08 11:05