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Stories by Michael Crawford

Microsoft Staffers Debate "Worst Jobs In Science" Nomination

Working in the Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) has been voted number six out of the ten worst jobs in science in 2007, however Microsoft staffers reckon there is nowhere else they can find an opportunity like the ones they meet every day

Written by Michael Crawford28 June 07 16:05

CIO Live Podcast #64: Developing the Business Case for RFID

In this podcast we speak with Murray Fane, information systems director for pallet and container distributor Chep about Chep's role in a national demonstration project of an RFID enabled supply chain. Fane also discusses how to develop a business case for RFID use.

Written by Michael Crawford22 June 07 15:03

CIO Live Podcast #63: Project Management

In this podcast we introduce Jed Simms, CIO Magazine's new project management columnist.
Jed talks to CIO Live about why projects fail and what can be done to curb this happening in your organization. Jed also gives a real-life example of a project that became derailed and explains why it happened.

Written by Michael Crawford15 June 07 14:23

CIO Live Podcast #62: International Privacy Standards

In this podcast we interview Washington-based privacy and information policy consultant Robert Gellman. Gellman discusses what a CIO needs to know in terms of data privacy, and the lack of international and US laws that govern privacy.

Written by Michael Crawford08 June 07 10:40

Teleworking a Hidden Fix In Disaster Recovery Plans

One of the best kept disaster recovery and business continuity secrets in the industry is not even on companies' radar: that's the failure to push teleworking for staff as an ideal fallback measure.

Written by Michael Crawford24 April 07 16:17

Resources boom stabilizing IT hire

Both the private and public sectors have begun increasing permanent staff, with the resources boom in Western Australia and Australia's stable economy making it the ideal location in the Asia Pacific.

Written by Michael Crawford23 Jan. 07 11:54

CPOs replace CIOs but support CSOs and CTOs

The increasing importance of business transformation has led to the creation of a new C-level title - the Chief Process Officer (CPO).

Written by Michael Crawford10 Jan. 07 09:35

Veterans' Affairs audit prepares for outsourcing deal

The Department of Veterans' Affairs last week extended an ICT outsourcing contract with IBM Australia in place since early 1992. The current contract will be run for four years, with two two-year contract extension options.

Written by Michael Crawford06 Dec. 06 14:27

Moon takes the reins at AIIA

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has replaced outgoing CEO, Rob Durie, with former Manpower director of recruitment, Sheryle Moon, who will take over the role immediately.

Written by Michael Crawford03 Nov. 06 12:07

Government recordkeeping failing

An audit of Australian government agencies has found standards around digital and physical recordkeeping lacking, with each agency audited failing to manage an electronic corporate recordkeeping system in accordance with established policy.

Written by Michael Crawford31 Oct. 06 14:12

ICT research gets $20 million funding boost

National ICT Australia (NICTA) opened a new research laboratory in Victoria today with the sole aim of investigating ICT as an enabling technology and commercializing telecommunications, information technology and life sciences.

Written by Michael Crawford20 Oct. 06 12:46

Government ticks security checklist for business

The Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA) this week began a week-long campaign to protect business and online users against Internet threats.

Written by Michael Crawford24 Oct. 06 07:59