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Stories by Michael Crawford

IT nets $73m in NSW Budget

The NSW government is slated to spend some $73 million on IT-oriented projects in 2006-07.

Written by Michael Crawford07 June 06 13:24

AusCert: Tax Office works to curb identity theft

Accountants and tax agents have hit the spotlight as the hot targets of identity thieves intent on harvesting personal data through social engineering tricks and malicious code because it is easier to steal an ID than create a false one..

Written by Michael Crawford24 May 06 11:08

AusCert: Minister backs use of standards

Special Minister of State Gary Nairn has vehemently backed the use of standards for Australian e-government frameworks during the keynote address today at the AusCert 2006 conference.

Written by Michael Crawford22 May 06 15:05

ACS weighs in on national security debate

A greater emphasis on end user training is needed if the government wants to improve the national e-security agenda, according to the Australian Computer Society's submission to the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts in its review of the E-Security National Agenda.

Written by Michael Crawford30 May 06 11:18

Smartcard gets $1b development fund: Budget 06-07

The federal government has laid out nearly $300 million to reduce social security fraud and lessen the amount of incorrect payments before introducing the "access card system using smartcard technology".

Written by Michael Crawford10 May 06 09:04

Federal government reviews wireless standards

The Department of Defence is reviewing policy on agency usage of unclassified wireless networks on the back of a US-led mandate.

Written by Michael Crawford13 April 06 08:11

NSW Health standardizes on Microsoft

NSW Health has announced a three-year deal to standardize all desktops, servers and core infrastructure within local and state health outlets on Microsoft gear.

Written by Michael Crawford13 April 06 10:45

Feds, Microsoft sign whole of govt security deal

The Australian federal government has signed a whole-of-government agreement with Microsoft to exchange information on security issues ranging from cyberterrorism and general security bulletins.

Written by Michael Crawford05 April 06 17:11

Federal e-mail mandate stalls

Only five agencies across the whole of government have taken steps to comply with a new e-mail mandate which was announced last September.

Written by Michael Crawford24 March 06 11:04

WANs at sea part of Navy comms upgrade

The federal government has given the go-ahead for $55 million so the Australian Navy can buy broadband satellite terminals for five Anzac-class frigates and one guided missile frigate.

Written by Michael Crawford24 Feb. 06 08:51

CSC ousted in NT government deal

The Northern Territory government has selected Fujitsu for a four-year desktop and helpdesk service contract worth $150 million, ousting incumbent service provider CSC Australia.

Written by Michael Crawford20 Feb. 06 11:00

Coonan retains IT portfolio in Cabinet reshuffle

Federal senator Helen Coonan has retained the Communications, Information Technology and Arts portfolio in a Cabinet reshuffle announced by the Prime Minister John Howard last week.

Written by Michael Crawford25 Jan. 06 10:43