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Stories by Adam Bender

Court to hear Telstra, NBN Co dispute next month

Telstra and NBN Co are headed back to the NSW Supreme Court on December 13 after a directions hearing was held this morning presided over by Justice David Hammerschlag.

Written by Adam Bender08 Nov. 13 10:35

Nearly half telework under informal policy: study

Teleworking is increasing even while many businesses in Australia and New Zealand lack written agreements or training for remote working, according to a report released today by Cisco.

Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 13 14:10

'Sexy' IT fields lure talent from enterprise

Australia has lost security and other enterprise technical skills to trendier IT areas like apps and online development, according to a report released today by Clarius Skills.

Written by Adam Bender22 Oct. 13 15:24

Telstra wants to work with (and like) startups

Telstra believes working with startups is a “strategic necessity” if it wants to survive increasing competition from over-the-top players and other rivals, according to Telstra CIO Patrick Eltridge.

Written by Adam Bender18 Oct. 13 15:18

Coding error costs Optus $8.8 million

A software coding error that went unnoticed for more than two years resulted in Optus incorrectly billing about 235,000 postpaid mobile consumer and small business customers on its SurePage service, Optus has revealed.

Written by Adam Bender18 Oct. 13 09:58

Victoria chief tech advocate named CenITex chair

The Victorian government has appointed Grantly Mailes chairman and sole director of the CenITex board as the agency transitions from an internal ICT provider to a broker of services.

Written by Adam Bender15 Oct. 13 12:39

Construction woes slowed the NBN: Conroy

Labor’s construction model for the NBN “could be legitimately criticised”, according to former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.

Written by Adam Bender11 Oct. 13 15:23

Banks opening to startup partnerships

Banks must collaborate with startups and be open to disrupting themselves if they want to survive, according to a panel at the Future of Payments conference today in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender10 Oct. 13 11:54