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Stories by Adam Bender

NFC benefits hazy for consumers: mHITs CEO

Near field communications (NFC) for mobile payments lacks a clear advantage over traditional forms of payment, according the CEO of mHITs, an Australian SMS-based mobile payments service.

Written by Adam Bender17 Jan. 13 13:20

IBM taps social media at Australian Open

IBM and Tennis Australia, partnering for the 20th year at the Australian Open, are analysing social media not only to measure players’ popularity but also to ensure there is adequate capacity to handle spikes in user activity.

Written by Adam Bender15 Jan. 13 15:14

Skilling up: Deakin Uni’s big data and analytics program

With a flood of information rushing in to the business, companies are increasingly demanding workers who can analyse the data and make insights and predictions. However, finding a properly trained person for the job can be a difficult challenge.

Written by Adam Bender11 Jan. 13 12:00

2.5GHz band critical to meeting data demand: AMTA

The 2.5GHz spectrum to be sold in the upcoming Digital Dividend auction will be critical to bolstering data capacity for 4G service in urban areas, according to the wireless industry and auction observers.

Written by Adam Bender09 Jan. 13 14:43

Startup wants to be Australia's Mint.com

Pocketbook, a Sydney-based startup, seeks to build a simpler and more useful service for managing spending than current offerings in Australia.

Written by Adam Bender08 Jan. 13 14:12

PayPal predicts imminent demise for NFC, but analysts are split

The end is nigh for near field communications (NFC) mobile payments, if PayPal president, David Marcus, is correct in his predictions. However, Australian industry analysts we contacted had differing views on the fate of NFC.

Written by Adam Bender18 Dec. 12 13:57

NSW gov to spend $6.7 million to drive ICT collaboration

The New South Wales government will spend $6.7 million over four years for Innovate NSW, an initiative meant to drive collaboration among small and medium enterprises, researchers, major corporations and end users.

Written by Adam Bender13 Dec. 12 14:08