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Stories by Adam Bender

Bank of Queensland to use social media, overhaul IT

The Bank of Queensland seeks to use social media and other forms of online engagement to serve customers across more channels, according to the bank’s CEO, Stuart Grimshaw.

Written by Adam Bender13 Dec. 12 11:43

Early days for 4G in the enterprise

Australian enterprises are slowly adopting 4G wireless, according to industry analysts. While operators are selling 4G service at the same price as 3G, service coverage and equipment costs constraints remain.

Written by Adam Bender12 Dec. 12 15:06

Too much business influence on ID verification plan?

A proposed National Trusted Identities Framework (NTIF) appears to provide few benefits and “a number of risks” for consumers, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

Written by Adam Bender10 Dec. 12 13:34

ACMA seeks 4G in rural Australia through 1800 MHz rule changes

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) wants to spur a greater number and variety of wireless services by changing spectrum licensing and regulatory arrangements for the 1800 MHz band in regional and remote Australia.

Written by Adam Bender07 Dec. 12 15:07

Study to assess barriers to teleworking

Cisco and the University of Melbourne want to know why more Australian and New Zealand businesses and government bodies aren’t teleworking.

Written by Adam Bender07 Dec. 12 10:03

Webjet announces flight to Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft will lift Webjet into the cloud with Office 365 and Azure, Microsoft announced today. Webjet said it made the move as it prepares to expand its business in Australia and New Zealand.

Written by Adam Bender06 Dec. 12 10:15

BYOD not up to spec for Australian home builder

Porter Davis Homes is not allowing workers to use their own mobile devices due to high cost and lack of device control, according to the company’s group BIS manager, Felicity Nutter.

Written by Adam Bender05 Dec. 12 14:55

ACMA issues second paper on 803-960 MHz band

Seeking to maximise the value of 800 MHz spectrum for mobile broadband, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today released a second discussion paper about how to replan the 803-960 MHz band.

Written by Adam Bender04 Dec. 12 16:47

Optus speeds 4G, 3G+ deployments

Optus is preparing 4G launches early next year in Adelaide and Canberra while simultaneously making enhancements to its existing 3G network, according to Optus managing director of networks, Guenther Ottendorfer.

Written by Adam Bender04 Dec. 12 14:52