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Stories by Adam Bender

BYOD 101: What are BYOD and the consumerization of IT?

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) refers to the trend of employees wanting to use their own smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in the workplace. With the consumer mobile market exploding, analysts say organisations of all sizes must develop BYOD strategies or risk employee dissatisfaction and security vulnerabilities.

Written by Adam Bender06 Nov. 12 11:33

Companies 'still grappling' with basics of customer service: IPscape

Increasing connectivity and consumer expectations should force businesses to change how they interact with customers, according to participants at an event hosted by IPscape last week in Sydney. But fear and other factors have made progress slow.

Written by Adam Bender05 Nov. 12 16:04

Telstra's take two on Web tracking is opt-in

Telstra has revived its controversial “Smart Controls,” turning the filtering tool into a purely opt-in program. The product will become available in late November.

Written by Adam Bender05 Nov. 12 15:01

VoIP enhances Hobsons Bay customer service

A transition from analog to IP telephony in mid-2011 enhanced the Hobsons Bay City Council’s ability to communicate with constituents. Customer service manager, Suzanne Paterson, said the council plans to add Web chat to open a further channel for customer interaction.

Written by Adam Bender05 Nov. 12 11:36

Livescribe Sky smartpen review

Using a microphone and camera built into the pen, the original Livescribe Pulse smartpen digitised handwritten notes and automatically matched each pen stroke to the precise moment in the audio that the note was taken. The combined text and audio could be accessed through the pen or transferred to a Mac or PC for storage by USB.

Written by Adam Bender02 Nov. 12 15:17

Australia leading in APAC cloud adoption: F5

Australia leads other countries in the Asia Pacific on cloud adoption, according to F5 senior director, Mohan Veloo. But most companies are keeping their critical data on premise, he told Computerworld Australia at the F5 Agility Forum on the Sunshine Coast.

Written by Adam Bender31 Oct. 12 14:30

F5 moves beyond load balancing, into security

F5 plans to bear down on the security and cloud markets in Australia and New Zealand, F5 officials said at the F5 Agility Forum on the Sunshine Coast.

Written by Adam Bender31 Oct. 12 13:30

F5 sees more cyber attacks on application layer

F5 is pushing hard into the security space as cyber attacks increasingly target the application layer, an F5 official said at the vendor’s Agility Forum on the Sunshine Coast.

Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 12 12:09

Lonely Planet embraces digital amid disruption in publishing

Lonely Planet had to quickly adapt to a digital world to stay relevant as a publisher of travel guides. Known for physical books, the company overhauled its Web presence and publishing processes to meet consumer demand for real-time and mobile tourist information, according to Lonely Planet online platform manager, Darragh Kennedy.

Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 12 09:00

Mobility speeds local inspections for Auburn City Council

The Auburn City Council has embraced mobility to automate inspections and increase productivity. The council’s IT manager, Sarju Sahu, said he chose a mobile enterprise application platform by BlinkMobile to enable his any time, any device vision.

Written by Adam Bender26 Oct. 12 14:06

Windows is Sara Lee's favourite mobile OS flavour

Sara Lee chose Windows Phone handsets for its workforce over BlackBerry, Android or iPhone. The Sydney-based food manufacturing company announced it is giving staff Nokia Lumia 800 handsets running on the Optus network.

Written by Adam Bender25 Oct. 12 14:09

Choice urges IP spoofing for better IT prices

Consumers should spoof their IP address and use US forwarding addresses to beat high IT prices in Australia, consumer advocacy group Choice said.

Written by Adam Bender25 Oct. 12 09:34

Queensland seeks public safety wireless network

The Queensland government seeks a vendor to provide a wireless network for public safety, according to a request for expression of interest released this week. The wireless project aims to deliver better radio voice and narrowband data communications for police and emergency responders.

Written by Adam Bender24 Oct. 12 16:07