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Stories by Adam Bender

NCR to speed ATM deposits for ANZ

ANZ bank has tapped long-time partner NCR to help build the bank’s “next-generation” cash machines. NCR announced a five-year agreement with the bank to build ATM machines that can handle complex deposits more quickly.

Written by Adam Bender23 Oct. 12 10:44

Getting consistency out of M&As

Think Education sought to untangle a web of process challenges created by a long series of mergers and acquisitions. A 12-month integration project has put the private education company in a strong position to increase profitability, said Think Education IT director, Andy Donaldson.

Written by Adam Bender22 Oct. 12 15:45

Woolworths mulls BYOD move after iPhone 5 shift

In another blow for Blackberry maker RIM, Woolworths announced this week it has moved 550 BlackBerry users in the business to the iPhone 5. The grocery store chain has also stated its goal is to move to bring your own device (BYOD) in the future.

Written by Adam Bender19 Oct. 12 15:14

Highgate Management taps Prolog to enhance collaboration

Highgate Management returned to Meridian Prolog management software after breaking free of a non-ideal merger that had squashed the project management consultants’ first deployment.

Written by Adam Bender19 Oct. 12 14:11

Optus completes job cuts announced in May

Optus made final job redundancies this week as part of an organisational restructure announced in May, an Optus spokeswoman confirmed.

Written by Adam Bender19 Oct. 12 09:43

Who will win the digital wallet wars?

Consumers will have to choose among a a plethora of competing digital wallets for some time until a leader can emerge, payment industry officials said this week at the CeBIT Future of Payments conference in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender19 Oct. 12 09:23

Mobile payments coming but not ready for prime time: Eftpos, Telstra

It’s still early days for mobile payments and near field communications (NFC) technology, Eftpos and Telstra officials said at the CeBIT Future of Payments conference today in Sydney. More collaboration among stakeholders and increased applications for technology like near field communications are needed before paying using a mobile becomes widespread, they said.

Written by Adam Bender17 Oct. 12 16:01

Quickflix seeks to keep Netflix out of Australia

Quickflix upgraded its online payment system in three months to prevent hacking threats and solidify its position as a leading digital video subscription service in Australia and New Zealand, the company’s chief innovation officer, Tim Parsons, said today at the CeBIT Future of Payments conference in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender17 Oct. 12 13:24

FleetPlus taps BMC for cloud-based ITSM

FleetPlus took IT service management to the cloud to save money and refocus resources on its core business, according to the company’s head of IT, David Tanti.

Written by Adam Bender17 Oct. 12 10:01

Banks still upbeat on NFC despite iPhone 5 disappointment

Australia’s top banks are moving forward on plans to support near field communications (NFC) despite Apple’s decision not to support the contactless payment technology in the iPhone 5.

Written by Adam Bender12 Oct. 12 10:30

Cloud storage outage strikes Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom customers suffered a cloud storage outage and some are still experiencing problems, the company has confirmed. Macquarie plans to give rebates to affected customers.

Written by Adam Bender11 Oct. 12 14:37