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Stories by Adam Bender

Open Internet governance urged at Australian Internet Governance Forum

Closed-door talks and excessive self-interest in governance hurts the Internet, said a Google official and other Internet stakeholders on a panel this morning at the Australian Internet Governance Forum. The secret Trans-Pacific Partnership talks received particular criticism.

Written by Adam Bender11 Oct. 12 13:40

NSW government service delivery woes prompt reforms

New South Wales is seeking to improve communication between the public and government through consolidation and new technologies, NSW Customer Service Commissioner Michael Pratt said at an Australian Information Industry Association lunch today.

Written by Adam Bender10 Oct. 12 15:44

Missing NFC in iPhone 5 surprised NAB

The absence of near-field communication (NFC) in iPhone 5 has surprised NAB and other banks, according to NAB's technology head of strategy and innovation, Denis Curran. It’s an example of why banks must be agile with their IT strategy in an age of increasing digitisation, he said this morning at the Information & Data World Symposium in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender09 Oct. 12 10:47

Case study: Cloud company bills for usage-based price model

Cloud provider Ninefold averted a potential headache trying to bill for an non-traditional self-service business model when it found Zuora, according to Ninefold chairman and co-founder, Peter James.

Written by Adam Bender08 Oct. 12 14:55

Most government agencies to adopt IPv6 by year's end: AGIMO

The Australian government says agencies have made "good progress" toward enabling IPv6 by year end. However, Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) President Narelle Clark said she has doubts that this will happen without a formal mandate like the one in the US.

Written by Adam Bender05 Oct. 12 10:42

Consumers to drive iPhone 5 into enterprise

The Apple iPhone 5 may be designed more to woo consumers than businesses, but that won’t stop employees from bringing their shiny new smartphones into the workplace. This may put more pressure on businesses to develop bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, analysts say.

Written by Adam Bender02 Oct. 12 09:56

NBN Co issues reworked SAU

NBN Co lodged its revised special access undertaking (SAU) with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), setting wholesale prices for the NBN for 30 years.

Written by Adam Bender28 Sept. 12 15:40