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Stories by Adam Bender

CIO Summit 2012: BYOD necessary but increases costs: IDC

CIOs should prepare for higher costs with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IDC analyst Tim Dillon said at the CIO Summit in Sydney. Dillon also spoke about “creeping uncertainty” affecting CIOs’ business outlooks.

Written by Adam Bender19 July 12 10:49

Australia to assign ‘05’ mobile numbers to prevent run out

Australia will start assigning “05” phone numbers to mobile users in an effort to avoid number exhaustion, the Australian Communications and Media Authority said. The ACMA revised the <I>Telecommunications Number Plan 1977</I> to implement that and two other changes [[artnid: 410749|proposed earlier this year]].

Written by Adam Bender18 July 12 12:11

CommBank fights rivals with Android payment station

Commonwealth Bank is betting that an EFTPOS terminal that looks like a tablet will give it the edge over competitors. The bank just announced Pi, a smart point-of-sale payment platform embracing modern touch-screen technology and apps.

Written by Adam Bender17 July 12 13:57

Optus to make small businesses' websites

Optus will do the work of making a website for small and medium businesses with My SiteOnline, the first in a suite of planned SMB services called My BizOnline.

Written by Adam Bender16 July 12 12:12

Qantas, Telstra aim for green skies with iPads for pilots

Qantas and Telstra hope to reduce airplane paper by giving iPads to pilots. The companies have been working to secure approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and hope to distribute the first iPads in September, according to Telstra and CASA.

Written by Adam Bender13 July 12 10:31

Australian startups feel the tug to Silicon Valley

Venture capitalists disagreed whether high-tech Australian startups need to move to Silicon Valley to find success. The issue was debated at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Summit in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender10 July 12 16:00

Ten tips for a successful startup

Building and growing a successful startup in Australia takes hard work and dedication. Here are ten tips offered by successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Summit in Sydney.

Written by Adam Bender10 July 12 15:18

Australia data centre investment revs up despite global economic turmoil

Australia is showing a greater rate of data centre growth than the US and top-tier European countries, according to early data compiled for DatacenterDynamics’ upcoming 2012 global industry census. Globally, data centres are showing immunity to overarching economic problems, analysts at DCD said.

Written by Adam Bender09 July 12 12:00

Broadband department seeks IP services for itself

The government department in charge of broadband is seeking networking equipment and conferencing services, according to a request for tender published recently.

Written by Adam Bender09 July 12 10:31

RMIT CIO taps business background to update university

The education sector is behind the commercial world in some technology areas, but experience serving thousands of students per university has given it the edge on Bring Your Own Device, according to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology CIO, Brian Clark.

Written by Adam Bender05 July 12 09:21