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Stories by Adam Bender

Australians support biometrics at airports

Nine in ten Australians are willing to hand over biometric details including fingerprints when travelling across international borders, according to an Accenture survey.

Written by Adam Bender22 July 14 15:39

ASIO head says government is no Big Brother

ASIO is not carrying out mass surveillance of average citizens and the agency is subject to an appropriate level of oversight, according to the organisation's head David Taylor Irvine, director-general of security.

Written by Adam Bender21 July 14 11:25

Australians to help manage DNS transfer from NTIA

Two Australians will serve on the group overseeing the process that will result in an end to the US government's role in overseeing the Domain Name System (DNS).

Written by Adam Bender07 July 14 13:55

Fiona Stanley IAM project has failed: WA audit

An identity access management (IAM) project for the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Western Australia has failed due to poor management, according to a government audit.

Written by Adam Bender30 June 14 15:36

More could follow Westpac dropping BlackBerry: analyst

Westpac’s move to supporting Android and Windows Phone devices “is another nail in the BlackBerry coffin,” according to independent telecom analyst Chris Coughlan.

Written by Adam Bender27 June 14 12:00