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Stories by David L. Margulius

Spidering Phantom Blogs for IT Best Practices

Someday someone will invent a spider that trolls all the blogs on the Web for best practices. And that piece of software will be a huge competitive advantage for the inventor's company.

Written by David L. Margulius06 July 07 12:05

Intel Secrets Revealed!

How transparent is your IT operation? Does the rest of the company know how your budget is spent? Your performance against SLAs? Cost per terabyte of WAN traffic? And if they do, do key outside constituencies such as customers and vendors also know?

Written by David L. Margulius11 May 07 13:29

Betting on BTO

Business Transformation Outsourcing promises technical innovation - if you set expectations properly and can stomach the risk.

Written by David L. Margulius09 Dec. 03 11:35


How with a little money and a lot of smarts, quick win software can fetch huge rewards.

Written by David L. Margulius08 Dec. 02 13:23