Stories by Preston Gralla

Limiting the feds' snooping

Recent developments could portend the demise of National Security Letters, which allow the FBI to get private customer information without a judge's approval.

Written by Preston Gralla09 April 13 16:22

Opinion: Does hardware matter anymore?

Today hardware is often an afterthought in the enterprise, and user preferences count more than IT planning. This all means there will be winners and losers among today's big vendors.

Written by Preston Gralla11 Feb. 13 11:13

Preston Gralla: Is your fridge an IRS snitch?

Neither federal and state law nor the courts have come close to catching up with the privacy implications of so much of our data existing in a realm beyond our complete control.

Written by Preston Gralla17 Dec. 12 11:16

Will Google go the way of Microsoft? Ask the FTC.

The antitrust suit that the Justice Department filed against Microsoft in the 1990s left the company distracted and unable to plan for the future. Could the same thing be in store for Google?

Written by Preston Gralla26 Nov. 12 15:33

IN PICTURES: Windows 8 cheat sheet

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduces a brand new interface that feels designed more for tablets than for laptops and desktops. We'll help you find your way around the new OS and make the most of its features.

Written by Preston Gralla29 Oct. 12 08:18

PowerPoint 2010 cheat sheet

Whether you're upgrading from PowerPoint 2007 or an earlier version, we've got the goods on how to find your way around Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and make the most of its features. Insider (registration required)

Written by Preston Gralla05 Sept. 12 14:03

Windows 8 review: Still a two-headed beast

The two faces of Windows 8 - the Desktop and the interface formerly known as Metro -'still coexist uneasily in the final RTM version of the OS. But some of Windows 8's native apps are great.

Written by Preston Gralla15 Aug. 12 17:28

How to clear your data off a device

Before you ditch a device, you need to make sure none of your data is retrievable. Here's how to do it.

Written by Preston Gralla08 Aug. 12 11:19

In Pictures: Microsoft Office 2013 beta

Microsoft has released a beta version of its upcoming Office 2013 suite. We take a tour of the revamped interface and the most useful new features.

Written by Preston Gralla17 July 12 14:17