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Stories by Martin Veitch

Sceptical businesses stall on carbon reduction

In the wake of the <a href="http://www.denmark.dk/en/menu/Climate-Energy/COP15-Copenhagen-2009/cop15.htm">Copenhagen summit</a>, many executives are taking a view that "the jury is still out" on the seriousness of climate change and behaving in a cautious manner similar to that of businesses addressing the internet in 1995, according to experts.

Written by Martin Veitch31 March 10 01:22

Microsoft Office 2010 is unlikely to excite CIOs

Microsoft is preparing to show off Office 2010 this week at its Professional Developers Conference. The vendor must feel that it is running out of features to add to the hugely successful bucket of desktop applications, or angles to pitch for it.

Written by Martin Veitch14 July 09 01:52

EU case relies on 'weak evidence' says Intel lawyer

Intel lawyer Bruce Sewell accused the European Competition Commission of relying on dodgy evidence, after Intel received a record fine for anti-competitive practices.

Written by Martin Veitch15 May 09 09:03

Vivek Ranadivé of Tibco: 'We are entering the third era of IT'

With the word ‘recession' on every-body's lips, an unprecedented collapse in the finance sector still echoing, and a year of flat IT budgets being widely predicted, you could forgive the CEO of Tibco for being a little downbeat. But Vivek Ranadivé, the boss of arguably the world's largest integration software specialist, is coming out fighting and he has some solid financial numbers with which to back himself.

Written by Martin Veitch10 March 09 12:00

Books that will improve your networking skills

Improve your personal career development, become an accountable leader and sell more with less by taking advantage of many free online networking tools. Three business authors explain how.

Written by Martin Veitch16 Jan. 09 07:37

Global IT: Leadership from Afar

Paul Martin, global CIO of Rexam, is returning to the US but keeping his job at the packaging giant.

Written by Martin Veitch05 Dec. 08 09:05

Making Storage Easier for Non-IT Execs to Understand

With increasing amounts of incoming data threatening to overwhelm firms, Hitachi Data Systems CTO Hu Yoshida wants to make the economics of storage easier for non-IT executives to understand.

Written by Martin Veitch01 Dec. 08 14:15

Ballmer On The Cloud, Google, Data Centers, Apple

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivered the keynote speech at his company's London conference "Technologies to Change Your Business: How Customers Are Implementing Tomorrow's Strategies Today".

Written by Martin Veitch03 Oct. 08 14:22

Essential Reading: Books Every CIO Should Have

Three books illustrate -- in fiction and nonfiction -- lessons that business executives and IT managers should learn. Find out why Mesh Collaboration, Business Focused IT and Service Excellence, and the original In Search of Excellence should be in your "To Be Read" pile.

Written by Martin Veitch23 Sept. 08 08:27

Google Eyes the Enterprise Market

For the best part of the last 20 years, pundits have reported on challengers to Microsoft Office and Exchange, the hugely powerful and lucrative franchises that sit alongside Windows in the underpinnings of the world's biggest software company. Most have failed to survive, never mind prosper, but the latest web-based challenger from Google seems to have some legs.

Written by Martin Veitch04 Sept. 08 10:31

Telepresence Promises Productive Meetings

The travel budget needs cutting, says the CFO. The corporate -social responsibility people say we have to take this green agenda seriously. HR reports that the latest polls have executives bleating about how much time they're spending on planes. Smaller local subsidiaries think they're not getting enough face time with company leaders. What are you going to do? For some CIOs, the answer lies in a relatively new concept called telepresence.

Written by Martin Veitch01 Sept. 08 15:09

The Second Age of e-Discovery

E-discovery is a relatively new concept that describes the process by which information is recovered from corporate networks, usually to answer the demands of regulators or the law. It is a subject close to the hearts of CEOs everywhere, given the stringent penalties and resulting brand damage that have been applied to companies unable to provide information on demand.

Written by Martin Veitch08 Aug. 08 15:10