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Stories by Paul McNamara

What planet does Larry Page live on?

When I read the quotes attributed to Google CEO Larry Page, I thought perhaps they were taken out of context. But you can listen for yourself starting at minute 16 of the video, or skip to the excerpts below.

Written by Paul McNamara08 July 14 03:42

Dear FCC: Please don't let me watch football

I can understand why millionaire NFL team owners would lobby the FCC in an effort to dissuade that regulatory body from ditching its so-called "TV blackout rule." After all, the rule requires that 85% of an NFL team's ridiculously priced "non-premium" seats be sold or a game cannot be shown on TV (free or otherwise).

Written by Paul McNamara18 June 14 03:02

Microsoft's opening act since Windows 95: Weezer

The radio ad caught my attention: Microsoft is opening one of its new retail stores in the nearby Natick Mall on June 8 and the ceremonies will be followed by a free concert that evening by ... Weezer?

Written by Paul McNamara03 June 13 07:15

Florida's identity-theft rate dwarfs others

Sure, the headline gives away the answer, but if you had been asked to guess which state has the highest rate of reported identity theft you'd likely have chosen Florida: A large population of vulnerable retirees and a generally high crime rate all but guarantee the distinction.

Written by Paul McNamara20 May 13 06:20

Why business cards still beat 'the bump'

Marketing consultant Mark Schaefer recently published a blog post headlined: "The best digital business idea that just never worked." It's about being at the SXSW conference recently and noticing that even that collection of digerati remains stubbornly dependent upon paper: paper programs, paper posters, paper flyers and paper name tags.

Written by Paul McNamara08 April 13 05:29

Some data-breach victims can't be helped

From the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Department: Security experts trying to tell a Pennsylvania hospital that a pile of its sensitive data belonging to staff -- and possibly patients -- was sitting exposed on the Internet were stymied for five days recently by the fact that no one at the medical facility would respond to their repeated warnings.

Written by Paul McNamara11 March 13 06:01

Phishing concerns cause double trouble

Episode 1: Last week the administrators of 7,000 university websites were being called upon to change their .edu domain account passwords after a server security breach. Trouble was that the breach had been reported to the admins by Educause -- the non-profit higher-education IT group that runs .edu -- via an email that some recipients complained bore the familiar markings of a phishing attempt.

Written by Paul McNamara25 Feb. 13 06:13

Falling for a phony iPhone cup holder

An iPhone case that doubles as a cup holder? Looks positively ... well, ludicrous, doesn't it? Yet that detail didn't dissuade a fair number of journalists from covering the contraption's funding appeal on Indiegogo in an entirely too serious manner.

Written by Paul McNamara11 Feb. 13 06:19