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Stories by Simone Kaplan

When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies

Creating a method of tracking the events and effects of a cyberattack at the time it occurs is both simple and smart. By making incident documentation a part of your response plan, you avoid trying to recount the incident and estimate its cost after the fact

Written by Simone Kaplan11 June 03 12:38

It's Not Easy Being Breached

Surviving a security incident is just the beginning. Then you need to figure out what it really cost.

Written by Simone Kaplan05 Feb. 03 14:50

KM The Right Way

When Tom Rossi, director of the Innovation Lab at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, began a knowledge management initiative in 1999, he thought he knew everything. Rossi and his team were charged with creating a futuristic environment for computerised war games.

Written by Simone Kaplan05 Aug. 02 10:17

What to Do When Morale is Low

You say you've tried Hawaiian shirt days and pizza party Fridays, and your IT department's morale is still in the pits. Forget gimmicks and lead.

Written by Simone Kaplan11 June 02 11:45

Penny-Pinching All-Stars

You used to pity Lloyd Taylor. Like other CIOs who work for companies in low-margin industries, he was the guy with the shoestring budget who had to watch every penny, every day

Written by Simone Kaplan08 May 02 11:45

Now Is the Time to Pull the Plug on Your Legacy Apps

Kevin Murray, CIO OF domestic claims and personal lines for American International Group (AIG), had a mainframe full of fat-client legacy applications. He just trashed it in favour of newly written thin-client Java and XML applications

Written by Simone Kaplan08 May 02 11:45

Cool Tool

Content management software is hip, but is it more than document management with a fancy handle?

Written by Simone Kaplan06 Feb. 02 12:54

Welcome to the Hard Times

Lay people off or retrain them? Focus on processes or customers? Outsource or keep in-house? We'll give you some of the best practices around.

Written by Simone Kaplan10 Aug. 01 09:00