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Stories by Ellen Messmer

Cloud computing providers: Clueless about security?

A survey of 127 of cloud computing providers suggests many regard security as being mainly their customer's problem, and indeed, see their own proficiencies in low cost and speed of deployment services.

Written by Ellen Messmer29 April 11 05:47

Hacker 'handshake' hole found in common firewalls

Some of the most commonly-used firewalls are subject to a hacker exploit that lets an attacker trick a firewall and get into an internal network as a trusted IP connection.

Written by Ellen Messmer13 April 11 06:42

RSA detailing SecurID hack to customers sworn to secrecy

RSA has started providing more detail into the mid-March attack on its SecurID token-based authentication system, but to get a fuller story you have to be an RSA customer willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

Written by Ellen Messmer06 April 11 08:44

EMC/RSA acquires electronic threat detection firm NetWitness

EMC Corp. today announced it has acquired NetWitness Corp, a security company that makes the NextGen visibility monitoring system to detect electronic threats and malware-based attacks. EMC said NetWitness will operate as part of RSA.

Written by Ellen Messmer05 April 11 02:43

Phishing attacks down dramatically in 2010, says IBM

The volume of phishing attacks dropped in 2010 to less than a quarter of what was seen in the previous two years, according to IBM's annual research report on threats and risks. There was still plenty of spam, however.

Written by Ellen Messmer01 April 11 09:52

Should you stop using RSA SecurID tokens?

Anyone using RSA SecurID two-factor authentication tokens for remote access to sensitive information should reconsider using them until RSA, which last week admitted to a major breach of its network, clarifies exactly what was compromised, says NSS Labs.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 March 11 03:47

Google Android's infected apps spotlight mobile danger

The Google Android Market for apps is supposed to be an apps showplace, but the fact that Google this week yanked down about 50 Android apps it found out were malicious came as something of a jolt to many in the security industry.

Written by Ellen Messmer03 March 11 09:32

IE browser losing influence as Web app traffic explodes

Microsoft Internet Explorer use is dropping and Web application traffic is surging according to one study of how employees at about 2,000 companies made use of the Internet over the past year.

Written by Ellen Messmer02 March 11 06:03

Smartphones, devices spark IT security "mobile melee"

While devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android are in most cases welcomed into the corporate world, there's uncertainty about how to fit them into enterprise IT security practices that have been concerned so long by Microsoft Windows.

Written by Ellen Messmer28 Feb. 11 22:35