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Stories by Ellen Messmer

Malware flea market pays hackers to hijack PCs

Among a slew of online cybercrime forums, Pay-Per-Install.org stands out as a malware flea market where shadowy pushers of Trojan downloaders and tools for evading detection are bargaining with thousands of would-be "affiliates" willing to compromise victims'computers globally and get paid for it.

Written by Ellen Messmer07 Oct. 09 05:53

Security on a stick guards British diplomatic business

When it comes to security, the British government's Consulate-General in New York, part of the United Kingdom's diplomatic mission for business and visa-related activities, is taking no chances on spies or other intruders sneaking onto its network.

Written by Ellen Messmer11 June 09 06:05

Cisco bolsters security family

Cisco Tuesday announced the Cisco IPS Sensor v. 7.0, adding what it calls "reputation analysis" to augment the signature-based defense of the intrusion-prevention system.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 April 09 04:32

EMC, Symantec kick off security barrage

With the RSA Conference cranking up, EMC's security division RSA and Symantec rolled out security product releases Tuesday.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 April 09 04:33

Symantec to release Endpoint Virtualization Suite in winter

Symantec Tuesday unveiled Endpoint Virtualization Suite, its set of server-based tools for controlling and delivering laptop and desktop application environments through flexible online provisioning.

Written by Ellen Messmer19 Feb. 09 09:09

McAfee touts integrated compliance suite

McAfee has taken steps to integrate its vulnerability assessment and policy management products in a single suite to make it easier for enterprises to stay on top of compliance initiatives.

Written by Ellen Messmer11 Feb. 09 09:06

Ex-employee accused of planting computer time bomb

A computer-engineering employee fired from troubled US mortgage giant Fannie Mae is accused of preparing a malware computer time bomb, which had it not been detected, might have destroyed millions of files, according to reports.

Written by Ellen Messmer30 Jan. 09 04:01

Symantec takes cybercrime snapshot with new report

The criminal market online for buying and selling stolen credit cards, pirated software and information about financial accounts is thriving, according to a report published Monday by Symantec.

Written by Ellen Messmer25 Nov. 08 07:31

Cybersecurity is focus of new start-up incubator

The University of Texas at San Antonio Tuesday announced a technology incubator aimed at fostering IT security-based start-ups within the state.

Written by Ellen Messmer20 Nov. 08 07:19

Open-source software a security risk, study claims

Open source software is a significant security risk for corporations that use it because in many cases, the open source community fails to adhere to minimal security best practices, according a study released Monday.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 July 08 08:39

PayPal CISO outlines antifraud strategy

PayPal has 133 million customers that use its Internet-based money-transfer service, which handled US$37 billion in transactions last year. Michael Barrett, who is CISO at the eBay subsidiary, recently spoke with Ellen Messmer about new approaches PayPal is taking to combat online fraud.

Written by Ellen Messmer15 Feb. 07 12:43

What Would You Do As Chief Information Security Officer?

Becoming the chief information security officer (CISO) of a corporation makes you a strategic IT adviser to business management, the chief information officer, and the rest of the information technology staff.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 May 07 15:35

N+I — UK Gov't Keen On Wireless LAN Hot Spots

The future of wireless is a topic of major concern to the British government, which would like to coordinate with the United States as much as possible in terms of technologies, standards and regulation, says an official from the British consulate, which had its own booth at NetWorld+Interop 2003.

Written by Ellen Messmer07 May 03 12:32