Stories by Linda Rosencrance

Tap the wisdom of employees -- and boost the bottom line

When it comes to solving pressing business problems, the conventional wisdom is that two heads are better than one. With the advent of collective-intelligence tools, enterprises are realizing that thousands of heads are even better still.

Written by Linda Rosencrance25 Feb. 10 09:49

US Lags Behind Other Nations in Broadband Speeds

The US is lagging behind other industrialized nations in the availability and use of high-speed broadband connections, according to a report released by the US-based Communications Workers of America.

Written by Linda Rosencrance26 June 07 11:47

Cutting-Edge Technologies Create Opportunities

Emerging technologies, which can enable the creation of new products and services, can also disrupt existing markets and create new ones, according to participants in a panel discussion at the TIECon East 2007 conference in Boston, US

Written by Linda Rosencrance18 June 07 10:04

IT's Not Easy Being Green

Most large companies haven't written green criteria into their companies' buying process, according to a report by US-based analyst firm Forrester Research.

Written by Linda Rosencrance15 May 07 10:47

US Airways' legacy systems blamed for March glitch

Reliable, yet inflexible legacy systems were partly to blame for the glitch in US Airways Group's self-serve kiosk system> that led to long lines and delayed flights earlier this month, according to an e-mail sent to the airline's frequent fliers by a company executive.

Written by Linda Rosencrance30 March 07 09:33

IBM, New York county team up to fight Medicaid waste, fraud

Erie County has decided to take part in a program developed by IBM and the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) to detect Medicaid fraud using advanced mathematical algorithms developed by IBM researchers.

Written by Linda Rosencrance08 Sept. 05 09:01