Stories by Debby Young

The Invisible Ball and Chain

Wireless devices may give us greater productivity and freedom, but only if people have the power to turn them off.

Written by Debby Young20 April 01 15:20

An Audit Tale

In a post-implementation audit of its intranet, Mitre focused on the benefits of knowledge sharing and collaboration

Written by Debby Young08 May 00 09:22

Hot Skills and Cold Cash

When money talks, nobody walks. Here's how to make your dollars speak volumes.

Written by Debby Young15 March 99 11:34

For Good Measure

When CIOs stop thinking like cost centres and start thinking like business partners, IT will begin to earn its keep.

Written by Debby Young01 March 99 11:32

Team Heat

With corporations extending their activities across geographies, global teams have become the norm. Though technology breaks down barriers, a host of cultural challenges lurk. This article will tell you how to - Avoid the common mistakes that doom global projects to failure - Make global teams more productive forums/executive)

Written by Debby Young29 Sept. 98 11:17