Stories by Katherine Noyes

Who’s using Twitter? Some surprising answers

Eight percent of online Americans may use Twitter, as the Pew Internet & American Life Project reported on Thursday. But does that mean your small business should use the service in its marketing and communications efforts?

Written by Katherine Noyes11 Dec. 10 06:20

Android users hungriest for mobile data, study says

Users of Android phones consume far more mobile data than users of other smartphones do, according to a study released Wednesday by network management software provider Arieso.

Written by Katherine Noyes09 Dec. 10 05:17

What's in the Tech Crystal Ball For 2011?

Market research firm IDC makes a number of tech-related predictions near the end of every calendar year, but its prognostications for 2011 may well be among the company's most dramatic yet.

Written by Katherine Noyes08 Dec. 10 07:43

Four reasons to try LibreOffice

The Document Foundation on Sunday announced the availability of the first release candidate of LibreOffice, marking the approach of the first stable version of the brand-new open source productivity suite.

Written by Katherine Noyes07 Dec. 10 08:40

'Natty Narwhal' alpha offers peek at Ubuntu 11.04

Canonical on Thursday released the first alpha version of Ubuntu 11.04, offering fans of the open source Linux operating system an early glimpse at the next major version.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Dec. 10 11:42

How to buy a computer preloaded with Ubuntu

If you've ever paid attention to the market share statistics for desktop operating systems you probably know that Linux is most frequently pegged at about one per cent.

Written by Katherine Noyes01 Dec. 10 07:30

Apple is getting desperate in the mobile arena

Apple's mobile OS has been facing stiff competition from Google's Android in the smartphone world for quite some time, but a few recent moves from Cupertino suggest that it's feeling the heat more than ever.

Written by Katherine Noyes30 Nov. 10 12:09

Why Android outsells Windows Phone 7

We all knew Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 would have a hard time catching up with the leading contenders in the smartphone arena, and now there's yet another fresh batch of evidence suggesting that it can't.

Written by Katherine Noyes30 Nov. 10 07:03

Android browser flaw exposes user data

A vulnerability in the Android browser could permit an attacker to steal the user's local data, according to a report yesterday from security expert, Thomas Cannon.

Written by Katherine Noyes25 Nov. 10 04:53

Open Source Driver Debuts for AMD Fusion Chip

Chip maker AMD on Monday reportedly released an open source driver for the first chip in its new Fusion line, giving Linux users a new, open source-friendly hardware choice in the cutting-edge family of processors.

Written by Katherine Noyes24 Nov. 10 07:15

Microsoft's hand in Novell deal bodes ill for Linux

Attachmate may be the primary purchasing party in the Novell acquisition deal announced today, but the involvement of Microsoft means there's a fresh new threat to Linux looming on the horizon.

Written by Katherine Noyes23 Nov. 10 10:26

Mozilla confirms an app store is on the way

Along with its audited financial statements indicating a revenue increase of 34 percent last year, Mozilla late last week also published a "State of Mozilla" report providing a glimpse at what the organization is planning for the future.

Written by Katherine Noyes23 Nov. 10 12:38

LibreOffice is taking shape with third beta

It's been less than two months since the Document Foundation announced that it was launching its own "fork" of the productivity software suite, but already its new LibreOffice alternative is beginning to take shape.

Written by Katherine Noyes20 Nov. 10 11:08